Thursday, 21 June 2012

Yes, I called Ryan Tubridy a muppet - but he was great fun.

I interviewed Ryan Tubridy at the Irish Film and Television Awards. I jokingly called Ryan a Muppet as a teddy has in fact been made in his honour....

Ryan explained how Juliette Binoche was his worst guest EVER on the Late Late explaining that basically for an attractive woman she was a bit of a whinge (he may not have phrased it so delicately!)

I asked Ryan his advice on how to make it in the Irish media industry and he explained that graciousness, respect and manners are worth their weight in gold. It is true though, it's not about being flash - politeness does open a lot of doors. People who are kind to others are easier to work whether - nobody wants to have to deal with a diva even later in a career that is tiresome. I was taken aback at how much fun Ryan Tubridy was, he was really happy to be interviewed and gave great advice. Even though I started the interview with 'Ryan, I hear you're a muppet' tubridy still didn't do a Naomi Campbell and fire a blackberry at me. He is a very cool character. I'd say he would love to spice up the Late Late Show a bit.

Ryan Tubridy and me

Ryan Tubridy also said he wants to be our next President :) He said it in a joking way as he said he would go for it ''when Michael D Higgins kicks the bucket''. Oh dear!! haha

I would definitely vote for Tubridy though. Anyone who like Mad Men and has been a broadcaster in RTE can be trusted :)
I've concluded that Ryan Tubridy was a great sport and a very interesting man to speak to, I will definitely try to follow his advice and if he ever goes for the Presidency he really does have my vote!

Click here to listen to the full interview.....

xo L

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