Monday, 25 June 2012

A new Summer hair & beauty look for work and play!

I became sick of long beachy waves on a night out when I wear my hair down and long, I'm sure many other girls find the maintenance for the night is a nuisance if you are trying to dance or have a few drinks and let loose. My biggest problem is bringing a hair brush out with me. It is officially my nemesis. The more mojitos I have the bigger my hair gets every time I leave the bathroom. So my hangover can easily be measured the next day by how three-dimensional my hair is! Therefore I have made a habit of slicking my hair up into a high sleek ponytail. This look is simple and stylish. It is also very convenient because it only takes five minutes maximum and your hair is perfect.
When I'm working an event or going to do an interview I know my hair will stay where I put it which is a big plus. When I was working at the Strawberry Fest as a reporter doing radio interviews even though there was drizzle and wet weather I didn't have to fix my hair once. Which was handy because I had no access to a mirror in my press cabin! But also I knew that I wouldn't have crazy windswept hair in pictures. A ponytail can be professional or party- style depending on your make-up.

Me and Rebecca Creighton - For interviews I usually go pale with a red lip and lashings of mascara and lash inserts, loving Rebecca's style and make up here it is really 80's - she is like the 'fresh princess of Bel Air' !!

For a night out I go matte tanned and frame my eyes with purple Kohl pencil and do a candy/nude lip 

On a night out I love to wear playsuits, statement jewelry, wear my hair off my face and go for intense dark smoky eye make up - My look for work and play is quite different most of the time

My trusty hair stayed in place on site 11 hours later as I worked on the radio show :-)

My outfit for Sunday of Strawberry Fest weekend - If your hair is not long enough for a high ponytail pick an extension up in Hairspray - they are really chic and glamorous!

My Vivienne Westwood wellies were my wardrobe staple for the weekend. I have had them for two years and I love them so much. Aslan, Marcus Collins, Amelia Lily and Status Quo commented that they really liked them much to my amusement and excitement! On the Sunday of the Strawberry Fest weekend I teamed them with my vintage Levis boyfriend style denim jacket with shoulder spikes, floral print Topshop leggings and a Rihanna t- shirt.

Me and Bressie

Try out the ponytail look guys! I swear you will love the handiness of it - We can all be afraid of not having our locks framing your face but it's better to give your face some breathing space! ;) Add some smoky eye make up and a nude lip and you are ready to hit the town!

xo L

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