Friday, 29 June 2012

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes call it a day!

Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise after five years of marriage. This was Cruise's third marriage; he was previously married to Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman, with whom he adopted two children. Why do celebrity couples never seem to last? And it's weird because just days ago Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp broke up. Very sad about 'Tomkat' especially as they have a beautiful daughter together - Suri. Custody battles can get very ugly.

"This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family," according to Katie Holmes attorney Jonathan Wolfe, "Katie's primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter's best interest."

Cruise started dating Holmes, 16 years younger, in early 2005, following the end of his three-year relationship with Penelope Cruz and her engagement to Chris Klein. By early May, he was doing trampling Oprah Winfrey’s couch in the name of romance and love, and in June, he proposed at the Eiffel Tower. Several months later Holmes was expecting their first child, Suri, and they married in November 2006 in Italy. It all happened very fast.

 Are you shocked or sad that they have broken up? 

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Meet me in Bleecker St? You know you want to!

Bleecker St Cafe Bar is an absolute haven. Located on Dorset St, it is conveniently in the heart of Dublin City. It has yummy food to sink your teeth into and the best cocktails in town to wash them down with. A personal favorite is the fajitas with guacamole accompanied by their in-house fruity cosmopolitans. Heaven!! It is the perfect place for a lunchtime rendezvous, a romantic date, catch up with a friend or for a family event or anniversary. There is an intimacy with dining in Bleecker St as it is really cosy and inviting - You literally won't want to leave.

There is great Live music and a vibrant buzz in Bleecker St. One of the best things about the venue is that regardless of where you're from or what time of the day or night you drop in it feels like your local. It has that really effortlessly trendy but homely feel. The staff are really welcoming and the service is very efficient. Bleecker St music cafe is known to be great craic. It has an avid following online and is becoming very popular through plenty of praise from those who like fine dining, live music and a touch of class with their night out.

In the last week or so I have been there twice. I am a stage five stalker! I just love it there. Last Saturday night I was there at 8.00pm in the evening until late for dinner and cocktails followed by a night of brilliant music from The Jigsaw Jam, Keith O' Brien and Ciara Ashmore. It was brilliant. I have been a fan of the Jigsaw Jam for a while now they played a beautiful set that included an acoustic version of 'Titanium' by Sia. It was really haunting. A guarantee with Bleecker St. Cafe Bar is great music on a Saturday night.

After the Red Hot Chili Peppers gig in Croke Park last Tuesday I was excited to drop in to Bleecker St for some tayto, drinks and a round of the jukebox! On a Tuesday night it still had something special to offer. I fully recommend you check out this place for yourself! You won't be disappointed. Whether you want a to watch the match, sip on a nice coffee or a beer, a Sunday roast or a sandwich in a chilled atmosphere you are on to a winner. It's worth experiencing for yourself.

Click here to check out Bleecker St Cafe Bar on Facebook !

You can also find Bleecker St Cafe Bar on twitter: @BleeckerStCafe

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Harvey Nichols announces Paula Reed as Group Fashion Director

Harvey Nichols announced today that Paula Reed has been appointed as Group Fashion Director, with effect from September 21st 2012. Oooh exciting! As current Fashion Director of glossy UK magazine Grazia this savvy fashion Queen knows her way around the hottest womenswear, menswear and accessories. Paula will step down as Style Director for Grazia magazine where, since its launch in 2005, she has played a key part in creating the UK’s first weekly glossy magazine and developing its flavored fashion editorial tone.

Paula Reed will be reporting to Harvey Nichols Chief Executive, Joseph Wan, who praised the appointment by divulging that: 

“I am delighted that Paula is joining the senior management team here at Harvey Nichols, bringing with her a wealth of experience gained in a number of Fashion Director roles across key fashion titles including, The Sunday Times, Harpers & Queen, InStyle UK and Grazia as well as relationships she has formed in the fashion industry that go back over twenty years. Her broad experience in fashion complements what Harvey Nichols represents, from the most exclusive luxury brands to the more accessible levels of fashion.”

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Spice Girls announce new musical 'Viva Forever'

I loved the Spice Girls when I was little, I think everyone did. The songs, their crazy style - you were either baby, sporty, scary, posh or ginger spice! They sold over 75 million albums in their time and made a huge profit off their successful reunion tour. The girls came together yesterday to announce their new musical 'Viva Forever'.
“Sixteen years ago when we were writing the words ‘zig-a-zig-ah,’ we could never have imagined they would be in a West End show.....’’ - Geri Halliwell

I preferred when the Spice girls were this out there and crazy but alas they are all grown up. Although Emma Bunton hasn't aged a day!!!
Producers have divulged that the stage show “Viva Forever’’ isn’t a biography of the band, but there are plenty of real-life resonances for the 1990s “Girl Power’’ group in its tale of female empowerment and friendship tested by fame. The show opens in London in December. ( I really want to go!!!)
“We’re going to be introducing a whole new generation to ‘Girl Power,’’ said Victoria Beckham, who attended a media launch alongside Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell, Melanie Chisholm and Melanie Brown ― also known as Baby, Ginger, Sporty and Scary Spice.

The girls are all looking amazing at the moment - especially Mel C!
What do you think? Would you be eager to go see the 'Viva Forever' musical?

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Monday, 25 June 2012

A new Summer hair & beauty look for work and play!

I became sick of long beachy waves on a night out when I wear my hair down and long, I'm sure many other girls find the maintenance for the night is a nuisance if you are trying to dance or have a few drinks and let loose. My biggest problem is bringing a hair brush out with me. It is officially my nemesis. The more mojitos I have the bigger my hair gets every time I leave the bathroom. So my hangover can easily be measured the next day by how three-dimensional my hair is! Therefore I have made a habit of slicking my hair up into a high sleek ponytail. This look is simple and stylish. It is also very convenient because it only takes five minutes maximum and your hair is perfect.
When I'm working an event or going to do an interview I know my hair will stay where I put it which is a big plus. When I was working at the Strawberry Fest as a reporter doing radio interviews even though there was drizzle and wet weather I didn't have to fix my hair once. Which was handy because I had no access to a mirror in my press cabin! But also I knew that I wouldn't have crazy windswept hair in pictures. A ponytail can be professional or party- style depending on your make-up.

Me and Rebecca Creighton - For interviews I usually go pale with a red lip and lashings of mascara and lash inserts, loving Rebecca's style and make up here it is really 80's - she is like the 'fresh princess of Bel Air' !!

For a night out I go matte tanned and frame my eyes with purple Kohl pencil and do a candy/nude lip 

On a night out I love to wear playsuits, statement jewelry, wear my hair off my face and go for intense dark smoky eye make up - My look for work and play is quite different most of the time

My trusty hair stayed in place on site 11 hours later as I worked on the radio show :-)

My outfit for Sunday of Strawberry Fest weekend - If your hair is not long enough for a high ponytail pick an extension up in Hairspray - they are really chic and glamorous!

My Vivienne Westwood wellies were my wardrobe staple for the weekend. I have had them for two years and I love them so much. Aslan, Marcus Collins, Amelia Lily and Status Quo commented that they really liked them much to my amusement and excitement! On the Sunday of the Strawberry Fest weekend I teamed them with my vintage Levis boyfriend style denim jacket with shoulder spikes, floral print Topshop leggings and a Rihanna t- shirt.

Me and Bressie

Try out the ponytail look guys! I swear you will love the handiness of it - We can all be afraid of not having our locks framing your face but it's better to give your face some breathing space! ;) Add some smoky eye make up and a nude lip and you are ready to hit the town!

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Prometheus is horrifically fantastic!

I went to the cinema to see 'Prometheus' and I didn't really know what to expect. I knew it was a sci fi film about Aliens, there was a mountain of hype around it and that Michael Fassbender is the robot in it. A reason alone to go and see it. Basically... A team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race. Prometheus is directed by Ridley Scott. It is without doubt the big Summer Blockbuster. Even the harshest film critics are singing it's praises - no mean feat.

It was magnificent. I am not going to say too much because I hate reading reviews that dish out all the best bits, but to sum the film up I would call it a bad-ass Avatar with more violence and without the neon pretty Pandora setting. Instead grit and darkness create a more aesthetic believable plain - it pulls away the idea of Aliens looking your friendly neighborhood ET. In saying that this film is not for the faint hearted.

I watched Prometheus in Cineworld in Dublin and I felt the need to indulge in their heavenly ice cream. With my Ben and Jerry's core sundae I received a complementary shovel spoon.

I don't know which was more grotesque - the scariness on screen or my date watching me shovel ice-cream in to my mouth! Very attractive. At one stage I jumped and spilt caramel on myself. Prometheus is sneaky like that - serious jumpy moments. I had popcorn down my back from the couple behind me jumping and shrieking. I was lucky enough to interview the handsome Michael Fassbender @ the IFTA's in February. He talked about sexy racy fight scenes and much more... He picks such versatile roles from a Spartan in war movie '300' to a spy in 'Inglorious Bastards'. The prodigy is without dispute Ireland's best export!!!

 Check out the radio interview :

Click here to listen to an EXCLUSIVE interview with Prometheus actor Michael Fassbender

'Prometheus' is now in theatres!! Go check it out - You won't be disappointed.

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I've a crush on lip, body and nail tattoos! Do you?

We all need a little bit of funk in our lives - I love black temporary tattoos, henna-style tattoos and nail wraps, and especially these glow in the dark neon tattoo's which look pretty slick at a festival or in a nightclub. Amen to Claire's Accessories.

Long live Claires Accessories!!!! 

Beyonce loves the temporary tattoo trend

Monochromatic nails look amazing - nail wraps look amazing with two tone colours

You can get these nail wraps on - embrace the 80's trend wave that is taking over the fashion community

Would you wear a glitter lip look?

I greatly admire the work of Chantelle Thomas - who is currently studying Makeup Design in College. She recently got into nail art and started her own little shop on Facebook.

Click here to go to the Dolly Mixture Nail Art Shop

Check out her blog to see her beautiful nail art - It is mesmerizing. Her talents were recently featured in KISS Magazine



I would love pointy nails like Lana Del Rey - In her Vogue shoot she looked like  a  pin up girl from the 1940's era

Lip wraps and transfers are slowly making their way onto the market, Jessie J is a big fan as she strives to stand out from the crowd

The french boudoir lace look is very glamorous

Check out these nail wraps on

Dare to be different & Have fun experimenting ;)

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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Goodbye Desperate Housewives - An interview with star Dana Delany

I feel really sad that Desperate Housewives is over :( I feel like I grew up with that show. I loved all the scandal and crazy story lines. As well as the constant ''How well do we really know our neighbours?'' dramatic line. Also I think Jesse Metcalf was my first proper TV crush!! The fashion, romance and drama was always addictive. I always watched it with my sisters it was like a religion. Then we would get the box sets and fanatically rewatch them. Oh those were the days! The show was amazing.

I caught up with Dana Delany @ The IFTA's who played the notorious Katherine Mayfair - She looked stunning in a Prada from her own closet and confirmed the big casting rumour from all those years ago...

I questioned her whether character Katharine Mayfair in Desperate Housewives have anything in common, and enquired her favorite drink in an Irish pub -  but most importantly we talked about how Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry had originally begged her to play Bree Van De Camp but she turned him down.

Can you imagine how different the show would have been if Marcia Cross hadn't played Bree???!!!

Click here to listen to the exclusive interview with Dana Delany

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Clothes Encounter with Jackson's Fashion

Fashion your seat belts Ladies because Jackson's Fashion are very stylish, exciting and also great value.
They offer a wide range of unique ladies clothing & accessories. They are based in Liverpool but you can buy their stunning items online

 Click here to check out the Jacksons Fashion collection on the Asos marketplace site

Jackson's Fashion specialise in being unique. Their collections contain one of a kind clothing and accessories for women who want to stand out. I have been following the brand for some time now and it truly is expanding and growing from strength to strength. I decided for this blog article to leave you with the wise words of the designer who's heart and soul went into these creations. Without further ado, Check out the Jackson's Fashion innovative and funky designs.....

"Dress me I'm your mannequin"

Teardrop jewel chain dress

''After seeing the J Lo video 'I'm into you' I thought that I needed a dress made from chain like she wore on the beach! My mum told me, you can't sew chain. I was determined. I bought a load of chain and jewels and basically just started attaching them. It started off like a bracelet. People laughed when I said 'This is my new dress' but I could see the idea starting to grow. I used pliers to attach every link to each jewel and eventually I had something that partially covered me. I don't even own a mannequin so had my poor niece standing while I figured out where to join it to make arms. This is the dress I'm most proud of because I honestly didn't know how I was going to make it, just that I was!''

"We are just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time"

'' I love this design because its such a simple but effective idea. I originally designed a long fringe choker to wear over bikinis because I thought it would look fab in Ibiza. Then for our fashion show I decided long fringe bandeaus would look cool and I really liked the idea of mixing black and white. Its been one of our best sellers yet.''

Long Fringe Bandeau

"Walk, Walk, Fashion, Baby"

Photo dress

''I think this is my favourite design ever. The reason being its a dress I have always wanted and thought was impossible! I remember having the idea in my head and thinking, I'll cut out the dress shape in white fabric, iron on T-Shirt transfers, then sew it together, it'll look fab! It wouldn't look fab. It would crack and peel and look stiff and shiny, the fabric would have no movement and it would look cheap. This is another design I knew I would make, just not how. So I made an album of all the photos I wanted on it, memories from the year with my friends. Then I realised I got print my own fabric! I used digital texile print to run off my own fabric showing all my photos. The first time I held the fabric was amazing, I was in awe of it! The first time I wore the dress I couldn't stop looking at the clear high quality photos and remembering all the fun times! Everyone was asking me about my dress, 'how did I do it' 'when was that?' 'am I on it?' its an understatement to say it was a conversation starter. I now take orders for personalised photo dresses, I think they are fabulous for big events like 21st, or hen nights with photos of you and your fiancée on! I even went on to make Jedward Fan Jackets with photos of their fans on. Big thanks to the fans for all their photos!''

Jedward photo fan jackets

''I think just by looking at this you can see its inspired by Lady Gaga. 'The blue dress (shown) I seen Gaga in is AMAZING I fell in love with it! My mum wasn't too keen and said it would look silly on me because 'I wasn't on stage.' But I've always had a unique sense of style which I think shows in some of my designs, so I put my own take on the design. I kept the structure and chose PVC for the fabric to make sure it didn't 'flop.' I love this dress and am planning to make it in other colours in the future.''

Designer Heather wearing PVC Structured Dress

Lady Gaga was the inspiration

Heather is officially Lit up like a christmas tree

 ''I'd be lying if I said I didn't take a little bit of inspiration from 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' when I designed this light up skirt. I thought their light up dresses where so cool on the show, I wanted to make a more subtle version. I wore this to a Jedward panto in Dublin and all the young girls loved it! I wore a petticoat underneath so it would stick once and flounce when I walked. Once I put it on facebook a DJ from Liverpool came to my house and said she'd wanted a light up skirt forever! So I made her one too, she wore it when she DJ'ed at my fashion show and looked amazing!''

how fun is this skirt? I love it!

Check out Jacksons Fashion on Facebook they have new designs going up all the time which you can pick up 

Heather really is the next big thing. 

Happy hunting ladies! ;)

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