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Clothes Encounter with Jackson's Fashion

Fashion your seat belts Ladies because Jackson's Fashion are very stylish, exciting and also great value.
They offer a wide range of unique ladies clothing & accessories. They are based in Liverpool but you can buy their stunning items online

 Click here to check out the Jacksons Fashion collection on the Asos marketplace site

Jackson's Fashion specialise in being unique. Their collections contain one of a kind clothing and accessories for women who want to stand out. I have been following the brand for some time now and it truly is expanding and growing from strength to strength. I decided for this blog article to leave you with the wise words of the designer who's heart and soul went into these creations. Without further ado, Check out the Jackson's Fashion innovative and funky designs.....

"Dress me I'm your mannequin"

Teardrop jewel chain dress

''After seeing the J Lo video 'I'm into you' I thought that I needed a dress made from chain like she wore on the beach! My mum told me, you can't sew chain. I was determined. I bought a load of chain and jewels and basically just started attaching them. It started off like a bracelet. People laughed when I said 'This is my new dress' but I could see the idea starting to grow. I used pliers to attach every link to each jewel and eventually I had something that partially covered me. I don't even own a mannequin so had my poor niece standing while I figured out where to join it to make arms. This is the dress I'm most proud of because I honestly didn't know how I was going to make it, just that I was!''

"We are just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time"

'' I love this design because its such a simple but effective idea. I originally designed a long fringe choker to wear over bikinis because I thought it would look fab in Ibiza. Then for our fashion show I decided long fringe bandeaus would look cool and I really liked the idea of mixing black and white. Its been one of our best sellers yet.''

Long Fringe Bandeau

"Walk, Walk, Fashion, Baby"

Photo dress

''I think this is my favourite design ever. The reason being its a dress I have always wanted and thought was impossible! I remember having the idea in my head and thinking, I'll cut out the dress shape in white fabric, iron on T-Shirt transfers, then sew it together, it'll look fab! It wouldn't look fab. It would crack and peel and look stiff and shiny, the fabric would have no movement and it would look cheap. This is another design I knew I would make, just not how. So I made an album of all the photos I wanted on it, memories from the year with my friends. Then I realised I got print my own fabric! I used digital texile print to run off my own fabric showing all my photos. The first time I held the fabric was amazing, I was in awe of it! The first time I wore the dress I couldn't stop looking at the clear high quality photos and remembering all the fun times! Everyone was asking me about my dress, 'how did I do it' 'when was that?' 'am I on it?' its an understatement to say it was a conversation starter. I now take orders for personalised photo dresses, I think they are fabulous for big events like 21st, or hen nights with photos of you and your fiancée on! I even went on to make Jedward Fan Jackets with photos of their fans on. Big thanks to the fans for all their photos!''

Jedward photo fan jackets

''I think just by looking at this you can see its inspired by Lady Gaga. 'The blue dress (shown) I seen Gaga in is AMAZING I fell in love with it! My mum wasn't too keen and said it would look silly on me because 'I wasn't on stage.' But I've always had a unique sense of style which I think shows in some of my designs, so I put my own take on the design. I kept the structure and chose PVC for the fabric to make sure it didn't 'flop.' I love this dress and am planning to make it in other colours in the future.''

Designer Heather wearing PVC Structured Dress

Lady Gaga was the inspiration

Heather is officially Lit up like a christmas tree

 ''I'd be lying if I said I didn't take a little bit of inspiration from 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' when I designed this light up skirt. I thought their light up dresses where so cool on the show, I wanted to make a more subtle version. I wore this to a Jedward panto in Dublin and all the young girls loved it! I wore a petticoat underneath so it would stick once and flounce when I walked. Once I put it on facebook a DJ from Liverpool came to my house and said she'd wanted a light up skirt forever! So I made her one too, she wore it when she DJ'ed at my fashion show and looked amazing!''

how fun is this skirt? I love it!

Check out Jacksons Fashion on Facebook they have new designs going up all the time which you can pick up 

Heather really is the next big thing. 

Happy hunting ladies! ;)

xo L

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