Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ruth Negga shines in Joanne Hynes

Ruth Negga is a very beautiful, dynamic actress. Most know her as the girl from Misfits who could teleport due to a heart transplant, or as Robert Sheehan's love interest in gritty irish drama Love/Hate that was a smash success at the awards.

Negga shone like a diamond as Shirley Bassey in the biographical film 'Shirley' and scooped up an IFTA for her portrayal that has largely received critical acclaim. Make sure you watch 'Shirley'. It really is something special.

Misfits star Ruth Negga in BBC2’s Shirley

I caught up with Ruth Negga @ The IFTA's she looked beautiful in her dress, a lime intricately beaded and sequinned Joanne Hynes number. The actress tells me about working with Robert Sheehan, and what it was like to get into character as legend 'Shirley'.

Click here to listen to my chat with Ruth Negga

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  1. Just seen her for the first time in The Samaritan and she was brilliant. Is she married by anyway?