Tuesday, 12 June 2012

An Exclusive interview with Marcus Collins

photo by Dara Muinnis

Marcus Collins is a very talented artist. No-one else could possibly cover 'seven nation army' and not only make it unique, but exceptional.

X Factor may have been his platform but this young, endearing performer is going places, and fast. In our interview he described what a great mentor Gary Barlow was on a personal level too as well as on the X Factor.

photo by Dara Muinnis

I caught up with Marcus Collins @ The Strawberry Fest the day his new single 'Mercy' came out! He performed an exciting set and I spoke to him seconds after he walked off stage a serious grin on his face. This is a guy who loves what he does and his happiness and energy is infectious.

Marcus Collins is also flawlessly handsome.... oh some people have it all!
He is a very down to earth, humble performer who is taking his success with a pinch of salt.

me and Marcus Collins

Marcus Collins was very excited about playing at the Royal Albert Hall. When I enquired if he was seeing anyone special he described himself as 'desperate and dateless' - but he is without fail a man in demand. He joked that he is so busy that he never even gets to see his dog!!!

He admits he has always been influenced by 'motown' and Stevie Wonder has been a great musical influence in his life.

He has an ever- expanding fan base, and on the subject of social media he described it as a double -edged sword at times. He is indeed right as a lot of bullying can happen online. He loves to use twitter to connect with his fans. He looks to the future with excitement as he will soon collaborate with Sam Sparro - who he admires as an artist. Marcus Collins commented that he thinks it's great Sparro is openly gay as it sends a very positive message to young people about embracing who they are!
Marcus Collins is also heading to America this Summer to get his music out there. Buy his new single it is so catchy!

You can watch a video of me and Marcus Collins talking style on my facebook page 'Lipstick Gossip':

Marcus said he loved my outfit and vivienne westwood wellies! success! :-)

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