Tuesday, 12 June 2012

An Exclusive interview with Maverick Sabre - Voice of a generation

Maverick Sabre @ The Strawberry Fest - photo by Dara Muinnis

When I listen to Maverick Sabre it takes me to a different place. His lyrics are evocative, his rhythm is enticing and his edge is undeniable. To many he is like the male Amy Winehouse, his riffs and trills have soul. There is a depth that pulls you in and makes you want to hear more.

Photo by Dara Muinnis

I interviewed him about his roots, influences and ambitions for the future. Born in London but he grew up in Wexford, where he dominated the mainstage on Friday @ The Strawberry Fest to a vigorous response. He said to me he feels he will always have a home in Wexford.

Me and Maverick Sabre

Before you die see this man LIVE. At least twice. 

He bellowed that it was the 'proudest moment of his career'. During our one-one-one Maverick Sabre told me about the party scene that is London Town, his writing process, touring, and how some day he would dream to collaborate with Alicia Keys as he feels their voices would blend well together.

At 21 he seems to have a considerable amount of life experience under his belt and is amassing a huge following. He believes that social networking and media is key to engaging with your fans and getting your songs out there. When I spoke to him on his tourbus at the Strawberry Fest last week and was taken aback by his honesty and frankness, he has serious loyalty to his band.
As a unit, Maverick Sabre and his band along with backing vocals that would make Aretha do a double take, there is a recipe for success and reaching out to people. He explains his album title 'Lonely are the Brave' by telling me about lonliness and how it inspires you -

Click here to listen to listen to the Full exclusive interview with Maverick Sabre

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