Tuesday, 30 April 2013

RTE 'In Colour' and MRU Magazine feature of the week: Candice Gordon!

MRU Magazine in association with ‘In Colour’ on RTE 2XM have teamed up to showcase homegrown talent through a weekly radio and magazine segment. I am appearing on in colour show every week to review an upcoming unsigned Irish band on air and also select a track from their EP to play on the show. We are looking for bands and solo artists to feature on ‘In Colour’ on RTE 2xm – and the ones that make the cut will not only be featured on air on the Monday but will have a feature written by me about them in MRU Magazine the same week. If you want to feature email me on: tunes2us@gmail.com  You can tweet me on www.twitter.com/lauramullett & my facebook is www.facebook.com/lipstickgossip

My choice this week -out of a pool of undeniable talent - was the mysterious and über-talented Candice Gordon.

Yesterday I reviewed Candice Gordon's debut six track mini album 'Before the Sunset Ends' - It is due for release on May 6th. With the title track from her debut EP, Candice Gordon sets the tone. Her voice has a raw sex appeal and she sounds like something off the soundtrack of a Tarantino flick. Her voice gives you that 'halloween feeling'. The EP was produced by music legend - The Pogues’ Shane MacGowan. It features Gordon’s seductive vocals underpinned with a swelling horn section. Candice is based in Berlin and is somewhat of a nomad. She has travelled from Botswana to Dublin, busking through Asia and travelling with a circus in Croatia and Turkey.
  She is very unique and there is a tenacity in her voice that conveys her explorative nature. 
To hear my full review you can listen back to last nights broadcast of 'In Colour' on RTE 2XM by clicking here !
Candice Gordon
I really enjoyed it and I hope the listeners like it as much as I do! The EP consists of 6 tracks: 'Before The Sunset Ends', 'I See A Demon''Fairytale of Love and Betrayal', 'God, The Devil, and Me', 'Sound Of Horns' and 'In My Garden'. You can check out Candice Gordon live - She is currently touring Ireland. She playing on the 1st of May in the Workman's Club, the 2nd in Bourke's, Limerick. Gordon is performing on the 4th in Murphy's Thomastown, and 5th in Monroe's in Galway.
Make sure to make it your business to attend! My feature article about Candice Gordon will be in 'MRU Magazine' live this Friday.

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Friday, 26 April 2013

Interview with Danielle Robinson!

Image courtesy of Danny Flower Photography

Danielle Robinson is well known in Ireland not only for being part of RTE reality show Fade Street but for her renowned skill as a coveted tattoo artist in 'Dublin Ink.' In person she is naturally beautiful but it is evident that doesn't rely on her looks. Robinson has a wealth of talent and is an inspiration to young ladies nationwide. She divulged in our interview how she loves immersing herself in other cultures by learning a variety of languages and is constantly eager to learn more and live life to the fullest. I spoke in-depth with Danielle about her inspiration, regrets, ambitions, personal style and the best thing that has happened in her life to date....

1. What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?

I have a small collection of Doc Martens, and one of my favourite pairs is my 24 hole maroon doc's. They definitely make me look like a bit of a goth, but I can live with that!

2. Who is your style icon?

I'm going to be honest here, I just googled 'Top 10 style icons'.. I have certain designers I love, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood being two of them, but in regards to a certain icon, I don't really have one. I admire Chloe Sevigny, her look is so high fashion, bare makeup, clean skin, nude colours. But not only would I not be able to pull it off, keeping a nude wardrobe is way too much hassle.

3. What kind of an outfit would you wear on a night out? Is your daytime/night time look very varied?

I work in a tattoo parlour surrounded by burley men, as appealing as this sounds, it does mean I tend to dress down during the week days, so when I'm having a night out I like to doll myself up. I love wearing dark lipstick and bare eye, but the lipstick is too much effort to maintain during work, so I lash it on during weekends. I also like showing my legs, seeing as I haven't got the cleavage!!

4. What do you think of the Irish social scene? Where are your favourite places to go out/dine?

Oooh the Irish social scene is very 'clicky'. I have a great bunch of friends that I stick with, being in 'the scene' gets bitchy sometimes, and I can't cope with that. Being a vegetarian I love indian food - my favourite place being 'Diwali' on Georges street, lots and lots of fresh veg... I know your jealous right?

5. What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

Last year, my little sister got pregnant, this took a bit of time to get used to the idea of her having a child. Jake was born, and he was the most beautiful little boy I've ever seen. Unfortunately Jake took very ill after 7 weeks, he was rushed to Crumlin Childrens hospital and put on life support. After going un-noticed by multiple doctors and nurses my sister had seen, Jake's heart wasn't growing, also leading to problems with his respiratory system.
After a few days of intensive care, we were told that Jake wouldn't make it and we were to make plans for his christening with the hospital's own Cardinal, my sister asked me to be Godmother. I know what your thinking, this is the 'best thing that's ever happened'?
Well, miraculously a few days after his christening which was held in the I.C.U. Jake took a turn for the best, he was now able to have the surgery that would give him a chance at life. He has now just turned 1, and is almost back to full health. This was due to the incredible care of my sister, an amazing mother, my family, and of course everyone in Crumlin Hospital, who now calls Jake by his nickname 'Miracle baby'.

6. What has been the highlight of your career to date?

I was featured in a 6 page pin-up style shoot for Stellar magazine one Christmas, I still have the edition in my wardrobe. It was my favourite shoot I ever did.

7. What are your ambitions for the future?

Hopefully, by next year i will have my degree in Psychology, it's my true passion. I'm also taking up some language classes, so by next year I should have basics in french, german and portuguese. I know its kinda nerdy, but I love learning new things. I hope to never stop educating myself.

8. What is your ideal man like? Is he stylish?

My ideal man is intelligent and funny, intelligence is a huge thing to me. I need a lot of conversation to keep me interested. A lot of modern men are so tied up in how they look, they are blind to anything else. I'd rather go way back and date a cave man than the men who self tan and highlight their hair.

9. Where do you shop? Do you have a particular brand you always go back to?

I'm not devoted to any particular brand. But for big events I will splash out on Topshop gear, other than that I'm into  H & M, Penneys, New Look and Forever 21. Cheap and cheerful! And most importantly, you can mix and match everything, fooling people into thinking you've a rather large wardrobe..

10. What is your most embarrassing moment?

Generally I embarrass myself almost everyday, I have never met someone as clumsy as myself. I've even put other peoples lives in danger by just being in their presence!

11. Who has been the most inspirational person you have met?

My sister, by far,  her courage and strength when her son was in hospital really touched me, she never left his side. Now the two of them have this bond I've never witnessed before. For almost one year she woke on the hour every hour during the night to administer Jake his medication, and still made herself be available that day to cater to everything he needed, including constant play time. It does help having such a close family too, my mam and dad were amazing through everything. I'm pretty useless at holding myself together with these things.

12. Do you have any regrets?

Not one, I have things I wish I had done differently, but I'm glad I experienced everything I did. I met some amazing people, (and some not so amazing), but it was a step to getting my job in Dublin Ink where I've worked for 3 years now and have made my own little family within the studio.

13. Where can we check out your latest ramblings - What are your social networking deets?

You can follow me on my facebook page at Danielle Robinson, you can tweet me on @Dani_Elle_a !

Image courtesy of Danny Flower Photography

xo L

Monday, 22 April 2013

My night @ The 'Oscars' themed ball!

I was asked to go to the Griffith Ball by one of my closest friends - Katie Coleman. Katie is a photographer and Journalist. Katie and me have been pals since on the first day I met her in class I had a violent coughing fit in front of everyone. She pretended she wasn't embarrassed by sitting beside me and when I fled to the bathroom she followed me in to make sure I hadn't coughed up a lung and she didn't even know my name - And the rest is history! I definitely had the hottest date at the ball haha :)

For the ball my nails didn't really go the way I wanted & I was in a rush but I looked like I had a rainbow disco ball on one nail. This is the problem when you have magpie tendencies and aged 23 cannot resist shopping in Claire's Accessories!

The Griffith Ball had an 'Oscars theme' - what a brilliant excuse to embrace old Hollywood glamour. I wore a dress by a Polish designer with diamond and pearl detailing. I went for Veronica lake waves and a bright red lip. I used liquid eyeliner to make me eyes look bigger and I drew right down into the water line & used black kohl pencil to outline. I am a lover of the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. It is suitable for every occasion due to its muted matte shades. Lady Danger by Mac is my ultimate lipstick. I love it for daytime and work events too. I used a Benefit Brow kit to enhance my natural brow arch shape. I hope you like my look!

It was a fantastic night at the ball I really enjoyed it. It was very well organised and there was a lovely ambience and atmosphere at it. 'The Unusual Suspects' are the best cover band I have ever heard - I danced the night away with all the girls. It was great to see some old faces & meet some new ones :)
You can 'HYPE' this outfit on Lookbook.nu by clicking HERE !

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I'm on the air NOW reviewing 'The Disconnected Bliss' on RTE 2XM! Click to tune in!

From 8.00pm on Mondays you can tune in to RTE 'In Colour on 2xm' - You can listen online on the RTE radio player.  Click HERE to tune in NOW!

Darren Cleary getting ready to go live!

The show is presented by Darren Cleary - I am a reporter, reviewer & interviewer on the show. You can check out Darren on twitter - If you are a serious sport & music fan you will love his tweets: www.twitter.com/radiocleary

Me tweeting as the show is about to start!

I am appearing on the show every week to review an upcoming unsigned Irish band on air and also select a track from their EP to play on the show. We are looking for bands and solo artists to feature on 'In Colour' on RTE 2xm - and the ones that make the cut will not only be featured on air on the Monday but will have a feature written by me about them in MRU Magazine the same week.

So spread the word! I have been flooded with interested bands and musicians and it's clear there is a serious hive of talent on the Irish unsigned music scene at the moment.
You can mail me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/lipstickgossip

Tonight you will hear a track from & review of Athlone trio - namely 'The Disconnected Bliss'. Collectively they are a great blend of eclectic sounds and influences. A very talented & innovative band. To hear 'Run' from their forthcoming self titled debut EP tune in to the show. I will link my MRU Magazine article about
 'The Disconnected Bliss' as soon as it goes live. You can 'like' them on facebook by clicking here ! 

The Disconnected Bliss

On a completely unrelated note I just thought I would share the hilarious fact that there is a 'Kitkat' button in the studio that you press if you are having a break... I resisted the temptation to press it now but I am so testing it out next Monday when I'm back in RTE!

We are all ready to go LIVE!!! 

Listen online | On Digital | UPC Channel 944. 

So make sure to tune in & feel free to get in touch! 
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The Falke 'Perfect Skin' Launch @ The Merrion!

I was very excited to attend the Falke 'Perfect Skin' launch in the Merrion Hotel. It was a morning event with breakfast, manicures and pedicures and of course the nicest hosiery you can imagine. I felt like a kid in a candy shop. 

Like many of my fellow Irish cailíns I am a tights fiend. Whether barely black, opaque or nude - they are so handy and look chic. But the most important thing about tights is to go for quality. What I love about the Falke A/W13 range of tights is that when I tested their durability the material slid as opposed to snagged. They are - in my experience - very ladder resistant. They come in both shimmer and matte and there are patterned tights, wellie socks and stylish leg warmers in the range also.

Falke tights have a luxuriant velvety feel and are durable. For those of you who like to wear deep tan on a night out, you can avoid having freezing streaky pins on a night out at the stroke of midnight. The falke 'perfect skin' tights in the shade 'Brazil' are a brilliant match if you are wearing Sally Hansen airbrush legs tan in medium or deep, tan organic, cocoa brown tan or an equivalent to those brands. Alas - a win win situation.

For those of you festival goers you value the importance of leg warmers and wellie socks. You don't have to be in 'Fame' to wear them - they prevent 'wellie burn' where wellies literally conspire to ruin your weekend - think carpet burn inflicted by your trusty Hunter wellies. To avoid this you want comfort and style in muted or neon shades. At Electric Picnic I was positively smug and euphoric with the joys that were my wellie socks. With all that dancing and frolicking around you need to protect your skin against friction. Falke have warm but comfortable socks in their new range that look adorable but are practical. 

my outfit I wore to the launch!
You can pick up Falke tights in both Clerys and Brown Thomas - prices start at €15 but know they are a guaranteed bargain for your seasonal wardrobe.

You can check out the Falke twitter: www.twitter.com/FALKEint

I wore a Calvin Klein dress to the event I picked up in Nashville & teamed it with a trusty pair of Jeffrey Campbells. You can check out my outfit I wore to the launch on the Look Magazine website by clicking here! & you can 'HYPE' my look on Lookbook.nu by clicking here!

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Are you a musician wanting to feature on RTE radio & MRU magazine in the same week?

I have been a reporter, reviewer and red carpet correspondent for radio show RTÉ 'In Colour on 2xm' for just over a year. It is an hour long show that features new Irish artists, exclusive celebrity interviews and hearty helpings of folk, jazz and rock. The show brings you all the news & views from the IFTA's, Electric Picnic & the Irish music scene. It is on Mondays from 8:00pm on RTÉ 2XM.

 Listen online | On Digital | UPC Channel 944.  http://www.rte.ie/digitalradio/twoxm/

I am also now on the panel of writers for MRU Magazine. MRU (Music Review Unsigned) is a website and music magazine dedicated to bringing you the best in unsigned music. Discovering new upcoming bands from all over the world. Within the pages on the site and magazine you will find the latest album reviews, EP reviews and single reviews, music news, fashion news & much more.

Every Monday I will be reviewing an EP of an up and coming band or solo artist on the radio show and playing some of my favourite tracks from the EP. Additionally, I will be doing a write up for MRU magazine the same week. It is a great chance for exposure for those who are trying to get their music out there. I have received some very promising applications to date - but variety is the spice of life so make sure to forward me your tracks and all your contact and social networking details for the opportunity to feature on RTE In Colour on RTE 2xm & MRU Magazine!

      “Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade?”

                                                                       - Benjamin Franklin

If you know of anyone who you think should be featured make sure to link this post with them.
You can forward your info or queries to my personal blog Facebook by clicking here !

Or you can email me on: mullett.laura@gmail.com - You can also tweet me on www.twitter.com/lauramullett

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Make sure to check out the latest offerings from MRU:

'In Colour' on RTE 2xm presented by Darren Cleary (twitter: @RadioCleary).  http://www.facebook.com/incolour2xm

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Coachella 2013: Celebrity style & festival lowdown!

Coachella 2013 has arrived! It is the only festival of it's nature where attendees and followers do not really talk too much about who plays there. Coachella is an annual 3 day music and arts festival. Fans from all over the globe trotted to Palm Springs hungry for a weekend of fashion, frolics and musical bliss.

Coachella is simply a style oriented celebrity jam-packed festival set in a desert where fashion trends are born. 

Coachella has a variety of models and a-listers that use the opportunity to let their hair down and flash the flesh. Kate Bosworth and Alessandra Ambrosio exude hippie chic in their free- spirited attire. They manage to achieve that 'thrown together but seamlessly perfect' motif.

Victorias Secret icon Alessandra Ambrosio
Katy Perry looks like something out of hit American TV show 'Nashville'. She was spotted sipping herbal tea and chilling in a jacuzzi! Perry sports cowboy boots and a fitted floral belted ensemble with a hat & ray bans. Ray bans are literally the uniform sunglasses for the stylish and elite. Her ensemble  shows off her womanly curves but looks casual and cute. The 'Nashville Throwback' is a look that is not overtly sexy but very understated and suitable for women of different ages. The fringed leather jackets brought back 'in' by Lana Del Rey and the cowboy boots and western vibe that is ever present on TV show 'Nashville' are everywhere at the minute. If you stroll into A-wear, Bershka, River Island, Topshop or Oasis you can find separates that you can work into your westernised wardrobe. Or floordrobe if you are a messy individual as I am at times myself.

Katy Perry @ Coachella
On Day One of Coachella 'Blur' and the 'Yeah Yeah Yeahs' played to a well- hyped up crowd that savoured them. On the first night of the festival over 80,000 festival goers embraced the heat at what has been dubbed 'the world's hottest festival.'

The standalone festival style for me at Coachella is that of Haute and Rebellious style duo.

They pioneer the neon western raver queen look that is mesmerising and all about tactile layering. To the naked eye these outfits are playful and individual but on camera it is evident that this look will be imitated & duplicated on the world fashion stage through glossy magazines and style sites for festival events this season.

Stylistas of US online store & blog Haute & Rebellious

Who wouldn't want to try this look for a festival? The unique selling point of the 'Haute and Rebellious' online store is that they are fifty steps ahead of the crowd. They don't follow trends - they set them.

I ache to be at Coachella. I love the fun and buzz of festivals as well as the dressing up! From face paint, bindis, ponchos to hair flowers it is invigorating to dress eccentric at times. But as far as missing out goes - thankfully we are the social media generation. Many acts are live- streaming on youtube! So.. invite your friends over, throw on your denim shorts, a cowboy hat, a slop of tan and shake some glowsticks!

Although I don't know if the atmosphere is that infectious that you will feel it through a screen... Well there is always next year!

xo L

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

A love of fashion: Folkster.com!

I have some good news for you fashionistas - Recycling has never been so on trend. As velvet, worn leather, slouchy knits, faux fur, animal print and wintery peplums hit the  catwalks for Autumn/Winter 2013 it seems clear that you can rework your wardrobe with your staple pieces teamed to transcend from last Season to this one. Tribal giraffe print oozed ferocity on the Burberry catwalk while Versace rocked neon and leather combos.

I am a big fan of Folkster.

Model of the moment Cara Delevingne and her glossy posse have been rocking the 90's grunge look that seems to be dominating the streets of Dublin, Cork and Galway at the moment. Dungarees, beanies, cropped tees and jumpers, scrunchies, worn denims, patent Doc Martens and midi print dresses all cement this image but to get this look at home your best bet is to make it your own.

Teaming pencil skirts with band tees and weathered denim and leather is the look to go for - Going grunge never looked so good! Fuse the '80's and the 90's to embrace the most current street style. Online retailer www.Folkster.com is a safe bet. The website is easy to navigate and the content will literally have you frothing at the mouth. They offer a wide range of statement pieces such as accessories & bowler hats that can funk up your look.

Shutterbug & Folkster.com have sequinned frocks and vintage attire also. It's like Downton Abbey meets Skins! Ordering your next outfit with the click of a button - Shopping was never so easy. I'm loving their new 'miista' metallic brogues.

Have you been bitten by the vintage bug?

xo L

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Dundrum Town Centre hosts 'Runway Rules' S/S 2013!

Are you looking for something fabulous to do today and to tomorrow? This weekend, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April, Dundrum Town Centre, Ireland’s premier  retail destination, will host 'Runway Rules' – a weekend of Spring Summer Fashion! At 'Runway Rules', Dundrum Town Centre will be showcasing the latest trends for Sping Summer 2013 with three fashion shows per day in the 'Runway Rules' HQ on level 2 next to House of Fraser. Here, well known radio and TV presenter Sean Munsanje will talk 'Runway Rules' attendees through looks selected by Off the Rails stylist extraordinaire Colm Corrigan. Colm’s selection will feature key looks for the season and ensure shoppers get his top tips and fashion rules to create the perfect Spring Summer wardrobe no matter what your height, size or budget. The season’s hair and makeup trends will be highlighted by Toni & Guy and Benefit.

Colm Corrigan has shared with us his 'Runway Rules':

Floral Splash -  As always Floral is huge this season.  But we are not talking old school Sunday florals, these floral prints are in vibrant punchy colours and intricate motifs which cascade down dresses, skirts and trousers.  But it’s not just flowers on display; garden critters litter the fashion landscape, from snakeskin to bird motifs. So take a risk on one of the most traditional spring trends in fashion; don't be afraid to go head to toe, or chose one statement pieces and pair it with a block color.

Get Graphic-  A Kaleidoscope of everyday print, from candy stripe to tribal, get in touch with your untapped subconscious and start mixing things up. Yes! clash your prints: dots to stripes, tribal to check it’s gone a little psychedelic.  The trick is try out two prints you like, then add a basic element like denim to soften the look. Ditch your inner wallflower, because this trend is loud.  

Monochrome - Don’t worry if colourful prints are not your thing. Black and white pairings dominated the runways.  But this trend is anything but boring; in fact, monochrome is the standout trend here, appearing as stripes and standout checks with a nod to the 60's. It’s easy to take on this trend, think classic, while still having fun, start with white a summer fave for everyone and then black out elements to achieve this trend remember to try and keep a balance.

Sportswear – Not simply your gym gear anymore, sportswear is a trend in itself. From hoodies to sweat tops, leggings to harem pants, vest tops to oversized slogan tees, Sportswear is a runway look that has less super fit gym bunny and more 80's college workout. Everyone has the basic of this trend but add a layer of knitwear rather than jersey and push this look, just don't go reaching for head bands just yet

Summer Tailoring  - It’s not just about the pretty tea dress this summer, tailoring comes into play, city shorts, trophy blazers and smart dresses with androgynous cuts. Allow for day-to-day city chic to take control, don't be afraid to shake up those gender forms. The power suit has returned, keep it simple with clean lines with minimal accessories.  If you feel city shorts are a step too much, simply add a trophy blazer or a men's white shirt to get the tailored look instantly .

Benefit's Mark Rogers will also be on hand across the weekend at 'Runway Rules' to talk shoppers through the new season’s must have makeup with live demonstrations. Michelle Nolan of Toni & Guy will take to the catwalk to show the 'Runway Rules', audience how to get the latest looks in hair. Fashion DJ, Alex Donald, a favourite at Dundrum Town Centre events, will once again be on the decks to get the Dundrum Town Centre 'Runway Rules' audience rocking.

Representative Jeanette Jordan of Dundrum Town Centre said today: “every season, it is our aim to provide our customers with a unique fashion experince that will really help Dundrum Town Centre shoppers fine-tune their fashion requirements, and all the while arming you you with key pieces and must haves for the season. We want to make shopping at Dundrum Town Centre  not only a fun, relaxing and enjoyable experience but an informative one too. We have some great treats in store for our shoppers in the shape of Benefit makeup demonstrations, Sean Munsanje hosting the RUNWAY RULES shows and we’ll also have our legendary Dundrum Town Centre goody bags for the first 50 people to take a seat at each RUNWAY RULES show each day!”

I have the official line up so you won't miss anything!

Saturday 6th April

1pm – 1st  'Runway Rules' Show
2pm – Mark Rogers, Benefit, demonstrating Sping Summer 2013 makeup trends
3pm -  2nd 'Runway Rules' Show
4pm – Spring Summer 2013 hair trends demonstration by Michelle Nolan of Toni & Guy
5pm – 3rd 'Runway Rules' Show

Sunday 7th April

1pm – 1st 'Runway Rules' Show
2pm – Mark Rogers, Benefit, Demonstrating Sping Sunner 2013 makeup trends
3pm -  2nd 'Runway Rules' Show
4pm – Spring Summer 2013 hair trends demonstraiton by Michelle Nolan of Toni & Guy
5pm – 3rd 'Runway Rules' Show

I look forward to seeing my fellow fashionistas there! 

xo L

Friday, 5 April 2013

The Blogosphere: the bitchiness in blogging.

Sometimes blogging grinds my gears. First off, I love that it is a way of conveying inspiration and showcasing interviews and work events and a gazillion other things. I do feel it has opened doors and helped me hone my writing skills. The main drawback is consistently putting yourself out there is a weird and sometimes scary phenomenon. Social networking can start to feel like an obligation as opposed to a pastime. Inevitably - blogging is a niche that can draw people that have a competitive or derogatory nature.

What do you have to gain from being the Queen of Mean?

Personally - my blog is a window into my life professionally - I joke about my outfits being a bit out there and in some cases I wonder what I was thinking. I'm inclined to laugh & cringe at my past fashion faux pas. It is a bit nerve wracking having a blog and giving your views without feeling like a narcissist or vulnerable. You don't want to be the lamb that gets slaughtered. I love feedback. In life and the working world a thick skin is important and necessary. I enjoy reading fellow bloggers work. There is a hive of serious talent in Ireland at the moment. Bloggers that are stylists, make up artists, college students, models, photographers or simply pop culture fanatics. 'Lipstick Gossip' is what I would label a 'magazine blog' it delves into my life as a Journalist bitten by the fashion bug. But some bitten by that bug can be elitist in the Irish and UK scene. It mirrors the iconic movie 'The Devil wears Prada':

'Andy' the new girl in the office is treated like an outsider until she ups her game in the style stakes, dons her designer duds and plays the role. Only then do her peers in the office treat her with measured respect and/or acknowledgement and the 'hideous skirt convention' slurs draw to a close. I just believe in the whole philosophy of writing your own rules as opposed to the 'sheep' mentality. 'Andy' dressing more stylish should have been a choice for her - not for other people. My favourite writers & bloggers aren't the opinionated self righteous ones, but rather the articulate writers that between the lines are writing for themselves and that are gracious.

The fashion scene is Ireland isn't massive so you start to build not only connections but camaraderie and friendship with fellow Journalists, bloggers, PR folk and organisers of these events. I have met some lovely people over the past few years in Ireland & the UK. Those unions have flourished into close friendships. But, I had an illuminating conversation with a new acquaintance at a recent fashion launch in Dublin. She commented that before I arrived she had felt intimidated and joked that some people retained a closed- door policy when she tried to engage with them - which she branded 'dismissive' and 'unfair'.

I'm no expert at blogging - I have worked hard but there is so much more to learn! I have different aims than some, I don't feel blogging is my identifier but I think it can really be a leg up in the industry.
To succeed in any role you have to be confident and have self- worth. You can have a voice without shouting. I don't think you should feel like having thousands of followers is the only way to be validated at what you do. Celebrate any one person who does take the time to check out what you have to say. If readers flock to support you be delighted but humbled.

I would love to know - Have any of you experienced this? Have you felt like this in work or at a social event before? Do you ever feel like an outcast?

xo L

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Outfit of the day!

Hey dolls! I decided to do an #OOTD post from my photoshoot. My make-up is matte and glowy - and I sported a smoky-eye look with nude lips.

 I wore a floral print skirt and blazer outfit from River Island last season. The photoshoot look was very preppy and bright. It was great fun. I am always a believer in outfit repeating and getting value out of my purchases - I covered a charity fashion show for fashion.ie in 37 Dawson St last year and wore this matching number. It was great to style it up for a shoot yesterday and revive the outfit. It has a very Spring vibe and I love the colours. The hat is also from River Island. I find a lot of their clothes are timeless and their separates are very versatile. This look can transcend from day to night.

photo by Katie Coleman Photography
I teamed the outfit with a simple V- neck pullover and white tights and flats. I remain very inspired by Blair Waldorf - My favourite character in 'Gossip Girl'. My flats are from Miinto.ie they are nude studded Jeffrey Campbell pumps. The shoes and attire on www.miinto.ie are always very fresh and high brow. They showcase a lot of stock from Ireland's leading boutiques.

I am also wearing a watch from Michael Kors. It goes with everything. I picked it up in Nashville on my American road trip at Christmas.

I hope you like this look! 

You can 'HYPE' it on Lookbook.nu by clicking here !

xo L