Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pretty in Pink: My Mam's Wedding dress

I always enjoy looking back at my Mam and Dad's Wedding pictures because not only are they really lovely pictures, I adore seeing them together in the 1980's. I have a fascination that my Mam was daring enough to wear a pink dress and head band on her wedding day when it was very risqué to do so! But she looked fantastic.

I think because my Mam was both a nurse by day and Radio DJ by night she loved taking risks in terms of style and fashion. To this day my Mam is a donned in bright turquoises and florescent greens which complement her tanned pallor that only my eldest sister Jade luckily inherited. I love that Mam wore white lace fingerless gloves and white peep toe shoes teamed with her pink dress with a white lace overlay and glam lacy jacket to finish the bridal look. Her mother made her delicate matching bouquet. My Mam confided there was no way she would ever throw that to a crowd!

Pretty cute couple I think

My Dad looked dashing in his Louis Copeland suit with blue and white striped silk tie. What I love about the pictures is that they are having so much fun in all of them. Not because there is a camera because they were so excited to get married. To this day, they are such a good couple. I'm really close with my Mam and Dad. I think when you get into your twenties everyone is on the same page and all grown up which must be scary for them having three girls! Although I think our love of fashion is communal.

In terms of my Mam's overall bridal look was classic but had an edge, she wasn't going to dress by the book. She had her Wedding Dress made in the Irish Design center in Dublin - she designed the dress herself. Her bridesmaids were dressed in alternating colors. The attire was stunning, yet understated.

Truthfully I think my parents emulated a very stylish look on their Wedding Day - A match made in heaven some would say!

People say I look like my Mam. Here is to hoping I look this beautiful on my Wedding Day.
Would you guys wear a pink dress on your wedding day?

(I might steal my Mam's haha)

xo L

P.S - Check out my Aunty Marie in black having a creep!! ;)

Friday, 27 July 2012

Bits and Bobs !

I got these Urban Outfitters platforms for... wait for it... FREE!!!!!!! Their buy one get one free sale was so good in Dundrum I almost spontaneously combusted. I love sales. 

crossed belt - Urban Outfitters and orange satchel bag - Cois na hAbhainn
Levis denim jacket - vintage

You can check out the full length look on my lookbook.nu: 

this golden head chain is from River Island

I had been hunting a thin delicate looking t-bar golden head chain for ages. A lot of them don't look bohemian enough because they are so thick and embellished. To opt for the cliche - Sometimes less really is more.

I have been bikini shopping because I am venturing away to Ibiza very soon and I wanted something cute to saunter around in. I am on the hunt for special 'UV bikini' that allow rays to penetrate through so no tan lines! It's a win win, I am excited for the sun but I still am liberal with my suncream use, I have very fair skin and hair. And I get a gazillion freckles at the hint of a UV ray.

I was at The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Noel Gallagher and The Vaccines recently and I was blown away. I really want to go see Kasabian in August. I love the buzz at those kind of concerts. Croke Park was jammed.... Cannot wait to hit Electric Picnic. It is weird that there is no Oxegen this year... It really was a 'coming of age thing' for former 'tweenagers'.

Me at the Red Hot Chili Peppers

How beautiful is the Dublin sky above me? I was sunbathing while engaging in iphonography (big fan of taking millions of snapshots on my iPhone everywhere I go) and I caught this image of a seagull last week in the sky. It was a really sunny day.

bracelet fever

I love my spiked hair band. I wear it a lot these days. Spikes are dangerous but look very funky and edgy, I just have to remember not to bump into anyone headfirst! :)
This is where 'less is more' is feverishly turned on its head. I love bracelets. They are so much fun. The more the better. Different colors, textures, patterns. I pick them up here and there and I'm very sentimental about costume jewelry as opposed to 'real' jewelry. It goes with everything and is feminine but young.

I picked up some new statement neon heels that I am passionately in love with. What do you think?

neon heels and pastel kaftan

And of course I have my big floppy Samantha from Sex and the City hat to hide under and drink cocktails!

floppy hat - €6 - New Look

Hope you are all having a great Summer! Make sure to check out Lipstick Gossip on Facebook! ;) And P.S - whatever you do read 'The Hunger Games' trilogy is you haven't already! It was spectacular reading x

xo L

What I did this July!!

July has been a very busy month! I recently went to the premiere of 'The Sweeney' which was really great. You can check out the review on www.afterdark.ie

I have started to cover some events, and products launches and do some reviews for the lovely folks at Afterdark. I was so excited for the premiere. I wore dark lipstick and a long casual maxi with a structured jacket and high blue platforms.

You can check out the full length outfit on my lookbook:
click here to check out my premiere full length 'Structured-in-the-Summertime' look on lookbook.nu! :)
Also, this month I photographed the lovely Lizzie Fitzpatrick creator of the brand 'Supercreep'. 
Check them out on Facebook: www.facebook.com/supercreep 
Lizzie has a beautiful face so I loved doing her make-up for the shoot. It was fun putting the different pieces together, it is a truly innovative and exciting collection. The official release of the images and audio interview with Lizzie about her style inspirations and woes will be online very soon - the same time as the launch of Lizzie's new website where you will be able to shop online for all the trendiest denim cut offs and denim distressed jackets as well as graffiti jumpers and leather ensembles.
Here are some of the images from the shoot: 

You can  click here to check out some more images of my photoshoot for Supercreep

I have done some reporting for the show for the Strawberry Fest, the best thing about RTE 'In Colour' on 2XM is that it gives unknown Irish artists/bands a platform to have their music put out on the airwaves, on digital and on UPC. If this tickles your fancy make sure to tune in weekly on mondays @ 8pm. You can tweet presenter @dardizzle if you fancy having your track played on the show or coming in for a session.

My favourite event of the month was coming on air on RTÉ 'In Colour on 2XM' about a fortnight ago. I talked about the Summer blockbusters such as The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man, Disney Pixar's Brave, Ted (The Movie) and Prometheus Movie 2012 ! ♥ 
You can listen back to the show on the RTÉ Radio Player (best invention ever) 
click here to listen back to the movie reviews!

I have just finished an Honours Degree in Journalism and Visual Media in Griffith College Dublin, and the website Oxygen.ie approached me and asked me to review my time there. I was happy to oblige, maybe Griffith will take me back and let me relive the college experience like Van Wilder seeing as I loved my time there so much... (doubt it though) :) It is exciting moving on and starting to work in your chosen field but you have to be thankful of who guided you along the way.

I was also very excited to attend the American Honey Fashion show earlier this month in '37' on Dawson St. I am super excited to go check out their new stock in the coming days. The show was very inspiring. You can pick up these gorgeous 'American Honey' Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots on miinto.ie for just €180

I am also trying to single- handedly bring temporary tattoos back in fashion. I must not fail! :-)

My friends at www.miinto.ie are going from strength to strength. 
A video of my interview with Amelia Lily sponsored by Miinto.ie is now on youtube:

 As an online fashion shop they are dominating the style stakes and keeping our Irish boutiques alive. They have a fresh outlook, buying concept and clothes for both males and females. No sexism in the Miinto HQ - they recognize style is a label that is worn to equal measure by both sexes! Men can pick up Tommy Bowes new shoe label and  and ladies can pick up this season feminine frocks and heels and accessories with a futuristic androgynous tweak. Bang on trend. The bag below is my current favorite find and a steal at just 15 euro. Major miinto.ie madness to follow in the coming days.... I don't know about you guys but I have a wardrobe to fill ;) and these days shopping online is so handy. 
clutch bag - €15.

xo L

Two shades of Summer Lips

These are my two lipstick staples. I love them both in equal measure for their vibrancy, consistency and longevity. Both 'Barry m' and 'mac' have fantastic lipstick ranges and since my blog is called Lipstick Gossip I decided to show my favourites....

I know it is very pink but I cannot get enough of this lipstick. It has a very 'paint/tattoo' like texture. If you apply it liberally it would literally last 24 hours. It accentuates your lips making them look fuller and more defined. At just €6.99 in both Superdrug and Boots it is a steal. If you apply a tiny amount on the apples of your cheeks it can look very doll-like.

'Lady Danger' lipstick by mac is a lovely 'daytime' red. It has a coral/red reflective colour and works with the typical Irish cailin skin pallor so you can get more for your money all year round. The lipstick is moisturizing but looks matte for a more polished glam look. I love it for nights out. It is €27 in Brown Thomas and BT2's but lasts a long time. I have had mine for a year and it is still going strong.

xo L

Monday, 16 July 2012

Fashion your belt! There's a New Style Advisor Service in Jervis!

There is a new Style Advisor Service in Jervis Shopping Centre which kicked off today! This new venture is being run by fashion guru Brendan Courtney and his crafty Style Team. From today, Jervis’ resident style experts will be on hand to offer customers a 2-hour personal consultation, taking fashionistas through the latest trends and styles to suit their look. For a special occasion like a wedding or simply to invest in the perfect LBD or summer guna, this service even benefits the individual with the most attuned fashion instincts. Sometimes a little bit of guidance AKA an expert opinion is exactly what you need and will appreciate. The styling service consists of a two-hour personal consultation with one of Jervis’ resident stylists or a one-on-one consultation can also be booked with Brendan. The two stylists, Katie Grogan and Linda Conway, were hand-picked by Brendan Courtney for their experience and most importantly, their talent. Katie’s work has been featured in several Irish magazines, as well as on Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model. Linda is a dab hand at styling for television and her experience includes being a part of the styling of Vogue’s Fashion Night out in Dublin last year. She’s an expert in the field of helping people polish their look – from girls who want an injection of edge into their styling, to Mammy's who are seeking a wardrobe revival or men who can’t figure out what to wear for an interview and detest the process of shopping for clothes, they are in capable hands of stylists who have great experience under their belts!

I tried on a dress recently in a shop and I was feeling ambivalent about whether it was a good investment or I am just a magpie attracted to shiny things. The walking disco ball look can be uber- cringeworthy when done improperly. I asked the shop attendant did she think the dress suited me to which she assured me it did with wide-eyed enthusiasm. But I bought neither the enthusiasm or the frock. Realistically she is a salesperson and it is her job to convince me to make a purchase! She didn't have to give it to me straight which I always prefer. So seeing as I didn't have my sisters in tow a bit of constructive advice would have been great. Clothes are an investment, they are without fail an extension of your personality so it's always good to be sure and not impulse buy. Making an informed choice gives you way better value and mileage out of your garment! This is why I have high praise for this concept of a 'style service' available in Jervis. Especially that Brendan Courtney is at the forefront. He has an innovative vision, and a knack for engendering sparkle in his styling. His personal style is enviable.

With retailers like Forever 21, New Look, Topshop and Next there is a great pool of choice in Jervis. The personal styling service also includes a fabulous makeover at Inglot cosmetics, a Boots goody bag and free parking in Jervis Car Park so there’s no excuse for anyone not to be at the top of their style game! The fee for the styling service also includes a makeover by the make up artists at Inglot along with a goody bag packed with 'Boots' goodies! Clients can avail of free parking in Jervis Shopping Centre car-park while they get their styling and makeover completed. 

This unique service can be booked by logging on to www.jervis.ie or visiting Jervis’ Facebook page at www.facebook.com/jervisshoppingcentre , by filling in an application at the Courtesy Desk in Jervis, or simply by calling 01 878 5800.

Try it out Ladies! I will be venturing to Jervis to avail of the Styling Service too and I'm very excited at the prospect!

xo L

Monday, 9 July 2012

Sweeten your style with American Honey!

Fashionistas at the ready.... The American Honey Fashion Show was a little bit spectacular. The boutique 'American Honey' is located on 10 South Anne St. Dublin and is carving a path in the style stakes. All fashionistas flocked to swanky bar '37' on Dawson St at 8pm where the 'Independence Day' fashion show was about to kick off ...

 The stunning Fauve Chapman performed at the event. Her renditions were unique, and her performance of the American national anthem brought the crowd to a standstill - her voice is truly classic and beautiful. Check out her rendition of Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games' on 'The Voice'.

The uber talented songstress is also a make-up artist..

 Click here to check out Fauvie Lou Make-up on facebook

 There were yummy american style hot dogs to tuck in to along with red, white and blue cocktails. Very festive. I was really excited to see the collection as I am a lover of Jeffrey Campbells and retro glam styling, both of which 'American Honey' have to offer us style addicts. I was eagerly anticipating getting ready for the occasion for days, I went for a very 'Blair' from Gossip Girl look. I wore a matching floral blazer and high waist mini skirt teamed with a snowy blouse. I teamed bright yellow nails with the look!
Konad yellow polish

Fauve Chapman and me

A very talented friend of mine Faye Bollard was the photographer for the show and took some mesmirising snaps of clothes you will want to covet. South of the model's ankles it was all about the Jeffrey Campbells. They were a staple of the styling. I wore my black spiked Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots that might as well be sown to my feet I have worn them so much since I purchased them in New York City last February. You can pick them up in American Honey.

The styling exuded Lana Del Rey-esque glamour - from the floral headwear to the subtly sexual attire. The  models looked perfect showcasing the  'American Honey' stock. I adore Lana Del Rey - love her or hate her she has an edge and serious sass.

Lana Del Rey - style icon

Check out the 'American Honies' ;) The creme de la creme from the Irish modelling industry...

I recieved an adorable Lana Del Rey 'Lady Liberty' canvas painting at the event which I will treasure forever!

Floppy sun hats, leather jackets and bohemian chic overtook the runway that was '37'. I cannot wait to get down to American Honey and invest in some Summer staples for my wardrobe/floordrobe! See you guys there? ;)

Click here to check out all the news and views of the Lipstick Gossip facebook! :)

 Click here to check out the fabulous American Honey on facebook

Also 'American Honey' is available to purchase online via www.miinto.ie - Your online fashion shop.

xo L