Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pretty in Pink: My Mam's Wedding dress

I always enjoy looking back at my Mam and Dad's Wedding pictures because not only are they really lovely pictures, I adore seeing them together in the 1980's. I have a fascination that my Mam was daring enough to wear a pink dress and head band on her wedding day when it was very risqué to do so! But she looked fantastic.

I think because my Mam was both a nurse by day and Radio DJ by night she loved taking risks in terms of style and fashion. To this day my Mam is a donned in bright turquoises and florescent greens which complement her tanned pallor that only my eldest sister Jade luckily inherited. I love that Mam wore white lace fingerless gloves and white peep toe shoes teamed with her pink dress with a white lace overlay and glam lacy jacket to finish the bridal look. Her mother made her delicate matching bouquet. My Mam confided there was no way she would ever throw that to a crowd!

Pretty cute couple I think

My Dad looked dashing in his Louis Copeland suit with blue and white striped silk tie. What I love about the pictures is that they are having so much fun in all of them. Not because there is a camera because they were so excited to get married. To this day, they are such a good couple. I'm really close with my Mam and Dad. I think when you get into your twenties everyone is on the same page and all grown up which must be scary for them having three girls! Although I think our love of fashion is communal.

In terms of my Mam's overall bridal look was classic but had an edge, she wasn't going to dress by the book. She had her Wedding Dress made in the Irish Design center in Dublin - she designed the dress herself. Her bridesmaids were dressed in alternating colors. The attire was stunning, yet understated.

Truthfully I think my parents emulated a very stylish look on their Wedding Day - A match made in heaven some would say!

People say I look like my Mam. Here is to hoping I look this beautiful on my Wedding Day.
Would you guys wear a pink dress on your wedding day?

(I might steal my Mam's haha)

xo L

P.S - Check out my Aunty Marie in black having a creep!! ;)

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  1. these photos are amazin hun, love them, great post!! hun, following you now! i have a new post up about cheap online shopping, would love to know what you think! thanks x