Friday, 27 July 2012

Bits and Bobs !

I got these Urban Outfitters platforms for... wait for it... FREE!!!!!!! Their buy one get one free sale was so good in Dundrum I almost spontaneously combusted. I love sales. 

crossed belt - Urban Outfitters and orange satchel bag - Cois na hAbhainn
Levis denim jacket - vintage

You can check out the full length look on my 

this golden head chain is from River Island

I had been hunting a thin delicate looking t-bar golden head chain for ages. A lot of them don't look bohemian enough because they are so thick and embellished. To opt for the cliche - Sometimes less really is more.

I have been bikini shopping because I am venturing away to Ibiza very soon and I wanted something cute to saunter around in. I am on the hunt for special 'UV bikini' that allow rays to penetrate through so no tan lines! It's a win win, I am excited for the sun but I still am liberal with my suncream use, I have very fair skin and hair. And I get a gazillion freckles at the hint of a UV ray.

I was at The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Noel Gallagher and The Vaccines recently and I was blown away. I really want to go see Kasabian in August. I love the buzz at those kind of concerts. Croke Park was jammed.... Cannot wait to hit Electric Picnic. It is weird that there is no Oxegen this year... It really was a 'coming of age thing' for former 'tweenagers'.

Me at the Red Hot Chili Peppers

How beautiful is the Dublin sky above me? I was sunbathing while engaging in iphonography (big fan of taking millions of snapshots on my iPhone everywhere I go) and I caught this image of a seagull last week in the sky. It was a really sunny day.

bracelet fever

I love my spiked hair band. I wear it a lot these days. Spikes are dangerous but look very funky and edgy, I just have to remember not to bump into anyone headfirst! :)
This is where 'less is more' is feverishly turned on its head. I love bracelets. They are so much fun. The more the better. Different colors, textures, patterns. I pick them up here and there and I'm very sentimental about costume jewelry as opposed to 'real' jewelry. It goes with everything and is feminine but young.

I picked up some new statement neon heels that I am passionately in love with. What do you think?

neon heels and pastel kaftan

And of course I have my big floppy Samantha from Sex and the City hat to hide under and drink cocktails!

floppy hat - €6 - New Look

Hope you are all having a great Summer! Make sure to check out Lipstick Gossip on Facebook! ;) And P.S - whatever you do read 'The Hunger Games' trilogy is you haven't already! It was spectacular reading x

xo L

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  1. Hey Laura, I love your mini haul, always love to see what girls are scooping up. Your UO belt is to die for! edgy but will go with most things. Your headchain is very cute I agree less is more here, your spiked headband is loads of fun :) I have never heard of a "UV bikini" if you find one please do a review would love to hear does it actually work! yeah for holidays!! your fab new neon heels will be well wear over in Ibiza. Really enjoying your blog xx