Monday, 16 July 2012

Fashion your belt! There's a New Style Advisor Service in Jervis!

There is a new Style Advisor Service in Jervis Shopping Centre which kicked off today! This new venture is being run by fashion guru Brendan Courtney and his crafty Style Team. From today, Jervis’ resident style experts will be on hand to offer customers a 2-hour personal consultation, taking fashionistas through the latest trends and styles to suit their look. For a special occasion like a wedding or simply to invest in the perfect LBD or summer guna, this service even benefits the individual with the most attuned fashion instincts. Sometimes a little bit of guidance AKA an expert opinion is exactly what you need and will appreciate. The styling service consists of a two-hour personal consultation with one of Jervis’ resident stylists or a one-on-one consultation can also be booked with Brendan. The two stylists, Katie Grogan and Linda Conway, were hand-picked by Brendan Courtney for their experience and most importantly, their talent. Katie’s work has been featured in several Irish magazines, as well as on Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model. Linda is a dab hand at styling for television and her experience includes being a part of the styling of Vogue’s Fashion Night out in Dublin last year. She’s an expert in the field of helping people polish their look – from girls who want an injection of edge into their styling, to Mammy's who are seeking a wardrobe revival or men who can’t figure out what to wear for an interview and detest the process of shopping for clothes, they are in capable hands of stylists who have great experience under their belts!

I tried on a dress recently in a shop and I was feeling ambivalent about whether it was a good investment or I am just a magpie attracted to shiny things. The walking disco ball look can be uber- cringeworthy when done improperly. I asked the shop attendant did she think the dress suited me to which she assured me it did with wide-eyed enthusiasm. But I bought neither the enthusiasm or the frock. Realistically she is a salesperson and it is her job to convince me to make a purchase! She didn't have to give it to me straight which I always prefer. So seeing as I didn't have my sisters in tow a bit of constructive advice would have been great. Clothes are an investment, they are without fail an extension of your personality so it's always good to be sure and not impulse buy. Making an informed choice gives you way better value and mileage out of your garment! This is why I have high praise for this concept of a 'style service' available in Jervis. Especially that Brendan Courtney is at the forefront. He has an innovative vision, and a knack for engendering sparkle in his styling. His personal style is enviable.

With retailers like Forever 21, New Look, Topshop and Next there is a great pool of choice in Jervis. The personal styling service also includes a fabulous makeover at Inglot cosmetics, a Boots goody bag and free parking in Jervis Car Park so there’s no excuse for anyone not to be at the top of their style game! The fee for the styling service also includes a makeover by the make up artists at Inglot along with a goody bag packed with 'Boots' goodies! Clients can avail of free parking in Jervis Shopping Centre car-park while they get their styling and makeover completed. 

This unique service can be booked by logging on to or visiting Jervis’ Facebook page at , by filling in an application at the Courtesy Desk in Jervis, or simply by calling 01 878 5800.

Try it out Ladies! I will be venturing to Jervis to avail of the Styling Service too and I'm very excited at the prospect!

xo L

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