Thursday, 2 August 2012

So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen!

In a few short hours I am going on a holiday to Ibiza. My suitcase is packed and the contents resemble a rainbow, I have the most random selection of clothes and heels, I am preened within an inch of my life and I am so excited I cannot sleep. Maybe I should get out more?

Today I did some pre-holiday prep - I pampered myself. I got my eyebrows waxed and tinted at 'The Brow Boutique' in Jervis. The staff were really nice and the result is that I have very shapely, darker and pronounced eyebrows framing my face. Which is what I wanted opposed to my usual blonde caterpillars. I had my eyelashes tinted black at 'Boston Belles' (also in the Jervis Centre) and I am very pleased with the result as it will help me go a little eau-natural on holidays as opposed to lashing on fifty layers of mascara. Plus as an added bonus, eyelash tinting seems to open your eyes more.

Between my eyebrow appointment in 'The Brow Boutique' and eyelash tint 'Boston Belles' I had some time to kill... So I decided to do something I thought I would never actually do, but that I had payed lip service to the prospect of - I had a fish pedicure in Coral bay Jervis..

I know what you are thinking. That fish pedicures are strange and squeamish and I will be honest the initial feeling was bizarre when I was submerged ankle- deep in a tank with little fish all around me. I will give you a full review and short video clip in a week when I get back from Ibiza. I made a video convinced that knowing my luck I would drop it in the tank and the carnivore fish would eat it!!!! Truth be told, my feet are like silk and they look rejuvenated (but I feel violated) It was well worth a try out though. I would recommend it at least once. It is morbidly fascinating. And I was happy the fish weren't piranhas or anything. Scary movies ruin so many experiences but not this one!! :)

Anyway I am going to go get some sleep! Try out the third floor of the Jervis Center - that is where I got all my treatments done today! So handy and affordable.

xo L

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