Thursday, 30 August 2012

Snow white and the macbook pro!

I ordered a really cute hand-painted transfer online from America for my laptop. I just received it in the post after a two week wait. As a Disney obsessive it seemed perfect - well if the shoe fits! What I love most about the transfer is how detailed and colorful it is. It is like Snow White just jumped off the screen with the apple alight in her hands. Additionally, It is the perfect size for the macbook and adds a bit of magic to my equipment. Check it out for yourself!

We all need a bit of disney in our lives - and for the modern woman 'mac decals' are the way to go!

xo L

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  1. Hi,

    I agree, Disney and Snow White is part of our growing up. As I remember my mother telling the fairy tale story to my sister, I now ended up at most times saying the same story to my nieces!

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