Wednesday, 15 August 2012

13 Nominations for Blog Awards Ireland - More to come exclusively on Lipstick Gossip!

My blog Lipstick Gossip has gotten 13 nominations for the Blog Awards Ireland. I found out this news just before I got the plane home from Ibiza and was so excited. I have just finished my time studying an Honours degree in Journalism and Visual Media in Griffith College Dublin and it is very heart warming to see that people like and support and most importantly are entertained by 'Lipstick Gossip' which I put a lot of work in to during my final year in College.

 I was nominated for Best beauty/fashion blog, Best blog of a Journalist, Best Newcomer blog, Best Health/Wellbeing blog, Best Popculture blog, Best music blog, Best blog post, Best personal blog, Best humour blog, Best news/current affairs blog, Best designed blog, Best mobile compatible blog and Best lifestyle blog - I am delighted and very grateful to those who enjoy the blog and keep coming back. I find it strange and surreal that it has over 40,000 reads.
Thank you for reading 'Lipstick Gossip'. It is a combination of fashion, beauty, journalism and much more. From working in radio and red carpet events, my love of fashion styling and beauty this blog has been used as a medium to showcase all the things that inspire me everyday and I have some very exciting content coming up in the next few weeks so please stay tuned! ;)

You can check out my to see my latest outfit posts!

The blog is almost at it's first birthday. Looking back there has been some very exciting times and opportunities for me as a Journalist and a blogger.

You can listen to exclusive interviews with music artists @ the Strawberry Fest by clicking here

You can listen to interviews with a-list Hollywood stars from the Irish Film and Television Awards 2011 and 2012 by clicking here!

You can also find Lipstick Gossip on the RTE Fashion blogs aggregate so make sure to check it out.

I have joined the writing panel... very soon you can an exclusive photoshoot and radio interview I did with Supercreep mastermind Lizzie Fitzpatrick up on to mark the launch of her website and online shop. Fitzpatrick models the range alongside male model Michael Fleming. Lizzie explains to me what influences her process and looks the epitome of chic in her designs. 

Thanks again for all your support. Hopefully on September 8th there will be more good news from the Blog Awards Ireland!

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xo L

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