Monday, 25 June 2012

I've a crush on lip, body and nail tattoos! Do you?

We all need a little bit of funk in our lives - I love black temporary tattoos, henna-style tattoos and nail wraps, and especially these glow in the dark neon tattoo's which look pretty slick at a festival or in a nightclub. Amen to Claire's Accessories.

Long live Claires Accessories!!!! 

Beyonce loves the temporary tattoo trend

Monochromatic nails look amazing - nail wraps look amazing with two tone colours

You can get these nail wraps on - embrace the 80's trend wave that is taking over the fashion community

Would you wear a glitter lip look?

I greatly admire the work of Chantelle Thomas - who is currently studying Makeup Design in College. She recently got into nail art and started her own little shop on Facebook.

Click here to go to the Dolly Mixture Nail Art Shop

Check out her blog to see her beautiful nail art - It is mesmerizing. Her talents were recently featured in KISS Magazine



I would love pointy nails like Lana Del Rey - In her Vogue shoot she looked like  a  pin up girl from the 1940's era

Lip wraps and transfers are slowly making their way onto the market, Jessie J is a big fan as she strives to stand out from the crowd

The french boudoir lace look is very glamorous

Check out these nail wraps on

Dare to be different & Have fun experimenting ;)

xo L