Tuesday, 12 June 2012

An exclusive interview with style princess Amelia Lily

Love the candy pink look but her latest snowy blonde is even nicer!

At just sweet 16 Amelia Lily brought something special to our screens on the X Factor. Labelled 'the comeback kid' she has an erratic fanbase of fans that love and idolize her. When I interviewed Amelia Lily she was humble, funky and glamorous and the interview was very fun and engaging.
She sung praise for her mentor Kelly Rowland labelling her a 'worldwide sensational superstar' and called Tulisa 'a good friend'. It seems that Amelia Lily had no favourites among the X Factor judging panel - she liked them all quite equally.

Amelia Lily's style is fun and inspiring and she totally ignited the candy floss hair trend to her amusement. Pop star 'Pink' is her style icon.

It is crazy to think she is just 18 years old, and fresh out of school just a year she is doing her utmost to make her mark in the industry.. she is excited about an offer to go to Milan to sing and tells me that she has exciting news coming up that she will be announcing on her twitter!

Her voice is without doubt a versatile and beautiful instrument, but Amelia was not always a pop princess. She loved country and western music and with her guitar wrote songs in that kind of style. She deviated from that path and fell for musical theatre which became her niche. She describes her current situation as 'mind-boggling' but assures me that she 'embraces every minute of it'.

photo by Dara Muinnis

Amelia's down to earth attitude about her styling was very interesting - she doesn't want a stylist to suppress who she is and her individuality and sass.

''You can have a stylist anyday - but you have to be comfortable... I describe myself as a girl... (obviously) haha who's got a bit of an edge...''

Me and Amelia Lily

I enquired if she always led her own path or succumbed to following trends, she explained that on no- uniform days in her school she was the girl in the bright skinny jeans and converse or van while everyone else was in their Jack Wills or Abercrombie trackies but she didn't mind being different or getting slagged about it. Amelia Lily thinks it's great that celebrities are dressing more wacky and quirky! Her style seems like 80's neon teamed with a dash of rock chick. Her style is enviable.

Although platforms and high stilettos are not the most coveted items in Amelia Lily's wardrobe.

''I actually don't like high heels! It's rare you will see me on stage bopping in a pair of high heels. I do like my sneakers and what not..''

Photo by Dara Muinnis

As well as styling herself the young star did her own make up and she shone like a discoball! A true hands-on lady she uses her love of fashion and beauty to her advantage, and escapes the middleman which is pretty unusual in celebville. This makes her stand out.
She laughs and divulges that the best thing about doing your own make-up is that it will be exactly that way you like it, and if it goes wrong you have no-one to blame but yourself!

You can find out what is going on with the lovely Amelia Lily on twitter : @amelialilyoffic
& also check her out on facebook.

With that face, voice and sparkle her rise is sure to be meteoric.

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Click HERE to listen to the full exclusive interview with Amelia Lily

*make up and hair tutorial to capture the look of Amelia Lily is to follow ;)

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  1. Lovely article/interview! I love Amelia! Went to see her on Saturday at Party On The Pitch, she was amazing :) Met her too she knows my name! Couldn't believe it!

    1. Thank you very much Daniel for your comment! Sorry I only saw your comment there now :) Yes she is such a lovely person - she really has star quality!! :-)