Monday, 18 June 2012

An Exclusive Interview with Mikill Pane

''I do like to keep it honest some would say vulgar...''

- Mikill Pane

I recently interviewed Mikill Pane and saw him perform a brilliant set - he dominated the stage.
He was a funny witty character with a great control and clever command of the english language.
But he was quite frank and honest during our interview and his fan base in Ireland is ever growing as the Irish following laps up Pane's racy lyrical innuendo's.

He definitely has a naughty side!

Mikill named his album 'Blame Miss Barclay' after his teacher - whom of which he explains to me made him fall in love with his english and his writing - a feat that has inspired his musical stylings.
He says she made him think of himself as a writer. Kudos to you Miss Barclay!

Throughout the end of 2011 Mikill went on nationwide tours with Mac Miller  and Ed Sheeran. Pane finished another tour with Ed Sheeran throughout January, Mikill dropped his first release of 2012, ‘The Morris Dancer EP’, out in February on Invader Records.

Following a support tour with Rizzle Kicks throughout April and May, Mikill’s latest release ‘You Guest It’ is a free download available through SBTV.  Featuring collaborations with Ed Sheeran, Example, Paloma Faith, Yasmin, P Money, Fem Fel, Katie Price and many more the EP received widespread acclaim both online and on radio, and rightly so!

Mikill Pane @ The Strawberry Fest - photo by Dara Muinnis

Mikill Pane is the new generation of artist that has that flair - that something special.

2012 is truly on a roll for this main stage man! He is really enjoying playing the festival scene. He is carving a path for himself and he prides that his loyal fans are affecting that.

Called 'Mikill Pane' as he confesses he lives to 'kill the mic' and tells me that he has seen the world through his glasses - like window panes. From the get-go there was something fascinating about Mikill Pane. He has intricate tattoo's visible against chic attire. Pretty slick it has to be said. He is hip and stylish but not a fan of the term 'hipster'. I am in agreement on this. A broad sweeping generalization of anything that has pizzazz doesn't quite do it for me, or Mikill Pane for that matter! A heated discussion is had about racial slang, the ever-raging stigma of rap and grime music being alleged to encourage and inspire violence and so much more but you must listen to the interview to hear it all ;)

We discussed fashion as Mikill was embellished in psychedelic jewelry, inked in cool tattoos and donning retro sportswear. He was both a music and style crush.
But he lets me now in an open fashion he is not a 'rapping Gok Wan' !!!

 As soon as he hits the stage he gets the crowd going. He may be a Hackney man in Enniscorthy town but when he hits the Strawberry Fest stage - he is home.

He has a 3-date headline tour coming up and I really want to go! Who's coming with me???

Check Mikill Pane out on twitter: 


 To hear the FULL exclusive interview CLICK HERE ...

I love Mikill Pane's duet with Ed Sheeran, but Pane's lyrics are so evocative that it is pretty heartbreaking.

Listen to it and see do you feel the same.

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xo L

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