Monday, 1 October 2012

Hair today, Gone tomorrow!

I have dyed my hair platinum blonde! I had let my hair grow out for five months so I am delighted to have a change I got sick of the natural balayage. The best part was my hair didn't have to be bleached just a milder colorant which brought it up very bright. Sometimes it is nice to have naturally blonde hair but I love the more extreme look with retro-inspired make up & clothing. What do you think? Is it a tad bright?

xo L


  1. Laura I think its fab on you!! Your hair is so long is it natural or do you have extensions in?

    1. Thanks a million! :) I just had micro beading done! They are the best extensions ever - going to review them in a week once I am more used to them! xx

    2. They look so natural, brilliant look forward to the review xx