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Can you learn from Celebrities Life experiences?

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson grew up listening to gospel music. She performed in the choir from the age of 9 to 17. Her parents were strict Pastors and would send her to Christian camps every Summer. She looked up to her big sister. When Katheryn sang and danced, it gave her a chance to let go and truly be herself. Katheryn had a tough relationship with her parents, they wouldn’t let her listen to music she liked or meet boys. Katheryn blossomed into the starlet we know as ‘Katy Perry.’

Her parents were very disappointed when she sang ‘I Kissed a Girl’ wearing skimpy costumes on stage, and especially when she married bad-boy Russell Brand.
When Katy and Russell split her minister parents told their packed church her divorce was a gift from God. (I think they might be Team Katy!) Their hearts were probably in the right place, sometimes parents can be overprotective and stop you doing things you want to do. That is hard but you always have to remember that it is because they care. And even Katy Perry went through that phase! She has now become the most famous glam star on the planet and has inspired millions of young girls. Katy has taught us that if you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.

Face of Chanel or Face of Bullying?

You have been in the limelight from a young age, been the face of Chanel and become famous worldwide. You star in 8 successful films as a character and when you decide to give acting a break to go back to school, you probably think everyone is bit old for bullying. This is not the case for Emma Watson. Classmates would taunt her by chanting ‘3 points for Gryffindor’ everytime she answered a question in her classes at Brown University. Bullies joked the actress had a lot in common with her character Hermione Granger in Harry Potter. After a few months Watson decided to leave Brown for a while and get back to being an Actress.

Bullying is no laughing matter and comes in all shape and forms!
Everyone loves a laugh and a mess around but if you repeat something over and over to someone it can get very wearing and slowly hurts someones feelings. It is so important in life to not let bullies and mean comments get under your skin. Always be yourself and don’t let anyone get inside your head. If someone is being a bully, chances are it’s jealousy, or they simply have self-esteem issues. At the end of the day, never let anyone get you down.

When we try out a new look whether it is a new hairstyle or even some new clothes that are a bit OTT it can give us swag and confidence. It’s nice to stand out from the crowd. When Miley Cyrus took to twitter to show off her new hairdo - All hell broke loose! Internet ‘trolls’ are people on the internet whose mission it is to target famous people and wind them up. And they can reduce the strongest person to tears. The Disney star is growing up and wanted to change her look, but a lot of her twitter followers sent her cruel and horrible messages about her new blonde cropped ‘do. Her Dad stuck up for her telling her to ignore the bullies and fiancé Liam Hemsworth loves her new hair. But most of all Miley herself feels amazing and embraces her edgy new look. She tweeted to silence the haters: 'Self love is the greatest of all flatterers..' Imagine how tough it would be to take a risk and go for a dramatic chop only to have millions of people judge you and be harsh about whether you can pull it off or not. What is very inspiring about Miley is that she doesn’t let anyone influence her look. She’s original.

The greatest accessory in this life is confidence, and it goes with everything.

What made Summer blockbuster ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ so amazing was the fact that the romance between the two leading actors was not just for the big screen, but for real life too! The new film has been described as a ‘Spiderman film for the Twilight generation’ because our hero has not only supernatural abilities he also has a romance on and off screen that tugs on our heartstrings. Since filming a year ago Emma Stone knew she had feelings for her co-star. When asked why she loved the role of Gwen Stacy she says that they experience so much together and they learn so much from one another and with Andrew it just made sense. It is rumored that her character will be in one more installment of the trilogy. It seems to be a regular thing in Hollywood that co-stars fall head over heels for each other, but these romances in fact aren’t as perfect as you may think. Movies can give us an idea of what ‘romance’ and ‘true love’ looks like but it’s not reality. In truth our love interest won’t glitter in the sun and profess their eternal love, or fly off buildings spawning a web to catch us in if we fall. It’s important to separate fantasy from reality, In saying that a girl can always dream! You should still have high expectations, just don’t attack a boy with glitter hair spray because Edward Cullen has inspired you. Though it may be tempting..

Justin Bieber doesn’t want his GF Selena Gomez to be bezzies with her longtime Disney pal Demi Lovato anymore. He thinks that Demi hasn’t been a good friend to Selena and he wants her to be happy. Selena has said she has cut Demi slack and tried to support her as she has been going through a very tough time. But they have drifted apart.
Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are best friends these days, they have been close for years, but lately they are inseparable: 

“She’s so trustworthy, never judges you and knows how to listen,” Taylor, 22, said. “We’ve been friends for four years and she has been through so much with me that I can say we’re almost sisters.” 

The truth is that you can't be BFF's with everybody! People change and grow up and that can be really tough. You’ll make new friends throughout your life. It can feel really sad when a friendship comes to a close. But I swear that the most important friendship you have in this life is with yourself. Friends can come and go, but there are really special ones you will meet along the way.

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