Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Hello Cobalt! I featured in Stellar wearing Winters hottest shade!

I featured in the Stellar Magazine modeling for a street style shoot! It was for the ultimate  A/W trend cobalt blue. I toughened up the look with a military jacket & killer platform Jeffrey Campbells with silver detailing at the back! 

I also wore topshop studded socks which I love with everything from chunky wedges to my vintage spanish brogues. I donned a leather mini and flashed my legs! My necklaces and chain ring I picked up in River Island.

 I am a HUGE fan of Stellar magazine so I was and still am super excited. For a girl that is 5''3 I felt 6 feet tall! It was cool not to be behind the scenes for a change. It was so exciting. Lili Forberg took my picture! It was a bit of an out-of-body experience, I think I went into my nervous chatty at the speed of sound mode throughout the shoot! 

I got to meet Corina Gaffey the head honcho of styling in both Stellar and Kiss. She has a very unique eye and never plays it safe, which I believe many Irish stylists draw inspiration from. 

 I grew up reading Kiss as a tween, but as my hunger for fashion ensued, and I evolved from dungarees to playsuits, I began worshipping Stellar. I love that Ireland has such a great glossy mag. As a stylist and journalist I have great respect for both publications, Kiss & Stellar as I believe they contribute something special to young women in Ireland. 

The Stellar November issue is out in shops today! ♥

I recently purchased an amazing cobalt bowler hat which thrusts tow seasonal trends into one! I pinned, curled and styled my hair to make it look shorter to finish the look.

These were my nails I had the day of the shoot! They changed colour when exposed to coldness.

This is what happened when my hands were very chilly. Weird huh?

xo L

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And don't forget to rock the cobalt blue trend this Winter.


  1. Wow, I love those boots! Are they hard to walk in? I think I'd end up breaking an ankle or something!
    Love this post
    Following you now :)
    Hope you'll check my blog out & let me know what you think
    Taz xx

    1. Thanks so much! glad you like the post. I swear they are really comfy - and my balance isn't too bad! haha xxx :-)

  2. Your outfit is fab laura and your shot looks amazing! Love cobalt blue my fav colour of all time. Cute nails too x

    1. Thanks a million! Oh the winter blues are so contagious!! :-) xx