Friday, 19 October 2012

Interview and photoshoot @ The Merrion!

Last week I interviewed Assets male model Sean Mc Connon for a tell-all interview for We also had a photoshoot in the Merrion Hotel shot by photographer Faye Bollard. Faye has an innovative eye and her works have appeared in many magazines from Hotpress to Prudence, to elegant bridal publications. Her blog 'The Style Allotment' showcases her both her blogging and photography skills. Sean Mc Connon is a male model with great insight in to what it's like in the circuit in Ireland. He has great style and a vivacious, infectious persona. The three of us sat down to afternoon tea in the Merrion Hotel and had an interesting post- interview conversation about modeling in Ireland and what it takes to be successful in this fickle world of fame. We had candid conversations about the scandalous goings-on which I can't disclose just yet but the interview and photoshoot with Sean Mc Connon will be aired exclusively on very soon.

The photoshoot on the grounds was very scenic as the courtyard in the Merrion is covered in old stone and Autumn bushes and plants. It had a very secret garden vibe even though hotel residents could see exactly what shenanigans were going on below them. American TV host Conan O' Brien among them!

Faye Bollard put an article up on her personal blog 'The Style Allotment' showcasing my personal wardrobe choice that day in a snapshot she took.

Click here to read the article on 'The Style Allotment' !!

I called the look 'Why be so negative?' on because so many resent winter wear when layering can be fun and the cold isn't so bad when you have the right attire.

You can 'HYPE' my look called 'Why be so negative?' on by clicking here!

As soon as the interview is live on I will post a link here :)

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