Tuesday, 9 October 2012

All kinds of everything!

My fabulous mother (as pictured above) made her TV debut on RTE hidden camera show 'The Fear'. My family found this very amusing as because she was an innocent bystander in the shot. She did not sign release papers so her face was blurred out. Basically she looked like she was creeping it real in the Marks and Spencers cafe window on Grafton St! Very funny stuff. the show in question was pretty great - especially the Hilary Rose nun scene. Georgia Salpa was gyrating and Jennifer Maguire was being her usual comic self. I will definitely be tuned in next week to embrace the cringe although it is tough to fill the void left by the absence of Republic of Telly.

Have you guys ever tried oxygen bars at your freshers week or at a festival? I found they perked me up when I was working at Electric Picnic. The direct hit of oxygen can help relieve hangovers and enhance your sense of vitality. It is a win win situation as they come in every flavour from cherry to eucalyptus. 

I received this super-cute mustache bracelet as a gift from River Island PR. I got a sneak peek at their amazing A/W collection and was delighted to depart with a part of it dangling from my wrist. I have always wanted a handlebar mustache! ;)

Jewellery has been very unique this season and this piece of hand-wear is an example of that. We are butching up our look with spikes, studs and skeletal statement jewelry because not only is it bang on trend but fun and tran-seasonal. Knuckle-dusters have been brought to a whole new level! Would you dare to wear this trend? 

I went to the muckfest that was the ploughing match. It was okay it wasn't just tractors. It had alcohol too! ;) I picked up a woolly hat and scarf and me and the girls wandered around eating belgian chocolate with marshmallows. Yum! It was a great day.

I know a lot of people feel like flowers are just for Summer but I have been loving Rockabilly hair pin curl fringe with flowers lately. It brings some colour and retro-inspiration to the winter months!

I got a Marilyn Monroe type look from make up artist in Mac. The lipstick in the top left hand picture is called 'Ruby Woo'. I have been loving crackled nails even though many are past it. Nail DIY jobs are so much fun. I got my blue bowler hat & retro inspired MTV woolly jumper in H & M. Keep your eyes peeled for the Lana Del Rey for H & M Range which has also hit stores nationwide.

xo L

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