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The ‘Shutterbug Vintage’ Kilo Sale – A kilo haul of vintage is a steal for €20!

The second Shutterbug Kilo event takes place this Bank Holiday Saturday, October 27th in the Langton House Hotel ballroom, Kilkenny. I didn't get to make it to the last one and as a vintage-wear fiend I am ferociously excited. When I go vintage I go for style and that unique appeal of ethereal clothes of a different era. There is a romanticism to vintage attire. My first vintage purchase was a headpiece from the 1920's that belonged to an actress, one of my favorite vintage items is a swimsuit from the '40-'s that I wear as a playsuit. Back then I probably would have been arrested! I am excited to invest in some vintage style staples for Winter...

My vintage swimsuit isn't slaking my lust for retro clothes... I need a re-invigoration!

The ‘Shutterbug Vintage’ store in Kilkenny is hosting a second ‘Vintage Kilo Sale’ event this Bank Holiday Saturday the 27th of October. A vintage ‘street-style’ pop up shop will be created in the stunning ballroom of the Langton House Hotel on John St. in Kilkenny, but, instead of price tags – the clothes will be sold by the weight, at just €20 per kilo! The thinking behind the idea is ‘Affordable Vintage by the weight, not the price tag’ – an idea developed by ‘Shutterbug Vintage’ owner Blanaid Hennessy following a trip to Berlin, where Kilo Sales have become a favourite destination of vintage lovers.

“I really felt that this was an innovative way to shop for vintage.” says organiser Blanaid Hennessy,“It’s also incredibly wallet-friendly, as you can get anywhere from three to five regular items in a kilo. You can fill your wardrobe with the unique vintage clothes you love – while feeling very little money-related guilt! 

Shoppers at the ‘Shutterbug Vintage’ Kilo Sale are provided with bags, which they can fill with as much as they like from the rails stuffed with on-trend vintage clothes. There are changing rooms on site, and scales for them to check how much they’ve spent so far. Once they’re satisfied with their swag, the bags are weighed again, and calculated at just €20.00 per kilo!

The last Kilo Sale was a huge success, with a massive crowd descending on the Langton Hotel to do some serious shopping. “We were overwhelmed with the turn out, it was really exciting and made us determined to come back even bigger with this one, with more stock and styles!” Hennessy says.

The sale begins at 11am on Saturday the 27th of October. Blanaid does stress that shoppers try and come as early if possible to avoid disappointment; “As the old saying goes, and it really applies to vintage -  ‘once it’s gone, it’s most definitely gone!’ 

There will also be an after-party that night in the Langton House Hotel featuring the 90s dance band ‘Smash Hits’, so Kilkenny is definitely the place to be this Halloween!

Entry is free in to the day event. For more info see
 www.facebook.com/shutterbugshop mail info@shutterbug.ie 
or you can call 056 7703312

Tickets for ‘Smash Hits’ are available through Langton’s House Hotel.
 (www.langtons.ie/ 056 7765133) 

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