Monday, 24 September 2012

Sneak Peek: Winter wardrobe cravings for River Island!

I am sure you have the symptoms. Your hands are fidgety, your eyes are twitching and the weight of any cash whatsoever in your pocket you want to spend, not to mention the sight of your flimsy summer wardrobe is unsettling you and teasing you. Don't panic! River Island can slake your lust. The new range coming out screams psychedelic but sexy, with everything from studded baseball caps to Isabel Marant inspired Runner-heels. Heavily embellished hairbands that would spawn jealousy from Blair Waldorf and would earn you a place as 'a girl on the steps' among much more to ease your fashion fix.

Cement your style status without losing the accent of your personal style. 

What I love about the new attire and accessories is that they are daring. Individually each piece makes a statement! But a clear one. The statement is 'Über-chic' and it is a label every person wants to wear. The playsuits and neckwear had me literally frenzied. I was thrilled to get a sneak peek of the range at the Xmas press event for River Island and I am delighted to share it with you fashionistas! I wouldn't say it lightly but River Island have cranked up their game in the style stakes. Check out the images I papped of what is coming to a store near you...

To spike or not to spike?
I personally embraced this trend with open arms in February on a trip to NY and I haven't looked back since. It is fun to toughen up your image with alternate textures and colors. I love the peaked cap in the RI range with the stikes (studded spikes)

I can imagine any of the closed-toe footwear with opaque tights (with glitter spray on them of course) and your token disco ball festive shift dress. I cannot wait for Christmas. The best thing about this season is the excuse to supplement your wardrobe with some of these keys pieces that have versatility as well as longevity. What is there to lose?

Below is something that I want so badly it hurts. This blue neckpiece is divine. Very Jack/Rose heart of the ocean Titanic stuff. Maybe the old lady didn't drop it in the ocean in the end? ;) Regardless this neckpiece for me is the forerunner of the collection. A bold, blue, brightly dazzling diamante ethereal piece that even with it's modern contemporary influences will be timeless. Costume jewelry at the very pinnacle of what it should be.

And we haven't forgotten the boys! Classic simplicity is key in the menswear range. The mens shirts have really structured collars that are in fact quite sexy. The suit jackets are very James Dean and are crying out to be teamed with a dark shirt and well-shaped denims or suit trousers for a more conservative look. But with the menswear I think the finishing touches are key - such as the belts, jackets and neckerchiefs in the lapel. It's stylish minus the try-hard look.

Here is an exciting vision... What do you think? Have you got your eye on a sequined shrug, fur coat, 1920s party dress or tweed biker jacket? There is a wide variety of attire to cater for all your festive season needs, while quenching your trend appetite.

The William Tempest 13 piece collection will be available in selected River Island stores and online at in October.
William Tempest studied at the London College of Fashion and worked with both Giles Deacon and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac before launching his eponymous line in 2009. William’s flair for creating luxurious, modern pieces has enabled him to count Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and Emma Watson as fans. Check out this video of William Tempest's exclusive River Island Design Forum collection in this short film titled "It Will Not Always Be Summer", directed by Ryan Hope.

Happy hunting ladies!

xo L


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  1. loving the attitude these pieces pack!

  2. Loved the whole range, its full of statement pieces I know where I'll be buying for A/W x

  3. Agreed ladies! It is a very glam range! Very out-there! xx


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