Wednesday, 19 September 2012

I have some news & reviews Ladies!

Once you try out the sleep rollers (which I would highly recommend) you should think about your nails and how you can make them potentially the most amazing the world has ever seen!
I have designed 'Lipstick Gossip' nails in collaboration with Dolly Nails and I may be prejudiced (definitely) but I think they are the business :)

I have gotten a lot of questions about a dark lipstick I wore to the premiere of 'The Sweeney' during the Summer. It is shade #04 of the Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick range. I love it! It has great staying power and the vamp-lip look is the epitome of style this season.

In fact the entire range is very feminine. If dark lipstick is not your g-string on a chicken wing there is a wide variety of choice in colours for ladies of all tastes.

I really enjoyed company mag the other day. I sat in a cafe and had a vanilla latte in a cup as big as a small bucket and trawled through the pages. I loved the 'fashion speak' vocab list. You dolls should pick it up. I love when magazines are handbag sized.

I am ridiculously excited about my street style photoshoot with Stellar magazine tomorrow. At 5'3 this will be a day where I will feel like a tall lady & channel the fabulous crazy 'Tyra Banks smiling with my eyes mantra' !!! :-) I am wondering what to wear in light of embracing Autumn and whether I should go for a sleek high ponytail or wavy locks! If this is my biggest issue things are looking good. I am a huge fan of Stellar magazine so tomorrow is a pretty cool event.

I hope everyone is having a lovely week! And remember..

Be Bold, Be Brave & misbehave.

xo L


  1. love the dark lippie x

    1. Such a steal at 6 euro! You can't go wrong ;) x

  2. You must have had such a fabulous time at the Stellar shoot! I'm very jealous! :) the dark lippy is also stunning and looks amazing on you. What hairstyle did you go for in the end? I'd love to know! Oh, and you are really pretty by the way! Good luck in the Blog Awards, dear!

  3. Hi Hannah! Thanks for your lovely comment :) In the end I went for a slick pony at the crown of my head, studded socks with platform Jeffrey Campbells, a leather skirt, military jacket and blue cobalt woolly jumper :) xxx