Thursday, 17 May 2012

WMD with ME - Studded Summer Bliss

A 'WMD' by real life definition is what I would label 'scary' and 'nuclear' & that is not a label I would wear on my back!

 Alternativ​ely - when a 'weapon of mass destructio​n' refers to my jewellery, customised denim jacket or my spiky Jeffrey Campbells I am head over heels devoted and adoring. I picked up those shoes in NYC and had a nightmare getting them home as they look kind of dangerous going through airport security and what not. Well no pain no gain. Even bearing in mind I am endangerin​g those I hug, high five or those who walk behind me I still love them unconditionally. I justify my purchase by pondering that worst case scenario I could protect myself and use my accessorie​s and attire as a self defense mechanism if ever attacked! ;)

I wore my Jeffrey Campbells to the launch of website @MiintoIE a website that allows you to buy clothes from your favourite boutiques and have them delivered to your door. Check out to see their amazing stock. I was blown away!

Jeffrey Campbells are taking the fashion world by storm and everyone is snatching up pairs to look stylish south of their ankles.

My fashion forecast for this season is quite simple:

The best accessory that will suit you is confidence! xo

Penneys sunnies: 3 EUR

If you are going to wear something - wear it with conviction and confidence. Whether a mini skirt or circular sunglasses.We can be our own harshest critics sometimes and therefore follow the pack instead of making conscious style choices. Follow your instincts when it comes to trends, make them your own. I love spikes because they really add an extra bite to an outfit. You wouldn't crave a bland curry so why should your styling choices be any different?

I picked up crucifix earrings in Urban Outfitters lately and I love them - they can look very punk when teamed with the stud/spiked trend.

Earrings 14.50 EUR - Urban Outfitters

I am a sucker for florals and pastels as a shift or panelled floaty dress/ play suit combined with a rough around the edges vintage denim jacket customised with spikes or a studded leather jacket. Check out:

What can also look really chic is temporary tattoo's - seal them with glitter spray/ hair spray and wear lots of jewellery. We all know a real life tattoo can be such a long term commitment unless it's a pattern you really love so experiment and have fun with it! Flirt with the idea and look of a tattoo.
You can pick them up in Claire's Accessories, aswell as studded rings and spiky bracelets.

Happy experimenting! ;)

xo L

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