Sunday, 13 May 2012

Chalked up - A Katy Perry inspired hairdo

I love blue hair. It reminds me of Katy Perry. And Mermaids. And those cute little trolls and furbys we all loved as children.

Really want to dress up as one of these next Halloween

Therefore I decided to experiment with the blue-chalk hairdo everyone is talking about.

Crayola chalk is not just for primary school teachers - it's a hair dye!

 But to be truthful, I recently dyed my hair caramel blonde from bright blonde and was wary of saturating my new locks with blue chalk. Therefore I decided a dip- dye alternative with chalk was in order... but not on my own hair just in case I damaged it...

So I decided to use a clip-in strip of extensions. I bought these on Abbey St. Dublin but you can also pick up clip in synthetic hair in Penneys also!

I laid out a towel, dampened the crayola chalk with water and rubbed it on the ends of the hair to achieve a dip dye effect. Once the hair was towel dried, I was suprised by the result. I liked it a lot!

You can wear it underneath your hair OR in a ponytail/side plait with a cute accessory:

Or you can pin it around a donut - and then pin it into your hair for a preppy look:

You hopefully will end up with this stylish boho look like this indie fashionista:

Have fun Ladies!

xo L

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