Thursday, 3 May 2012

Five ways to wear a headscarf - The most versatile trans- seasonal trend

Audrey Hepburn

1. The 'Audrey'
No-one does incognito like Miss Hepburn - An inspirational lady in the style stakes.
She looks beautiful with a mahogany silk scarf tied under her chin - this glam old- world look is fun to try out and will make you stand out from the crowd.

2. 'The Retro Queen'
With a pin curl fringe, arched defined brows and a statement headscarf this is a winning look that is a vintage revival.

*See my Hair tutorial blog post in order to do the pin curl fringe:

3. 'The Abba throwback'
With heart-shaped sunnies and a print silk scarf framing your face - this look screams effortless chic, and its easy to DIY. Agnetha would be proud.

Katie Holmes

4. 'The Casual Chameleon'

Mrs. Cruise looks simple and stylish while she camouflages herself from the paparazzi, but - in the process she looks very trendy and cute. This styling is a handy way to disguise your roots or simply a bad hair day. Even the rich and famous have them you know ;)

5. 'The Betty Draper'

These Catwalk lovelies exude 'Mad Men' glamour. Their sixties eye make- up combined with sheer coverage make up means you can see freckles and the girls exude natural beauty. It helps the look that the scarves keep their hair off their face, either with a mid-knotted scarf or the counterpart on the right a sleek scarf look that bandages the forehead.


Also if you ladies are looking for some places to find some vintage headscarves I would recommend:
In Dublin City :Siopaella , Om Diva , Shotsy Vintage , Jenny Vander
In Wexford Town:  Sunday Girl Vintage

& also check out charity shops and thrift stores in your area for a great bargain.

I hope you have fun trying out these looks!

xo L

I picked up these Sunnies for a mere 3 euro in Penneys. Bargain!

This vintage scarf was just 5 euro in a vintage store! Vintage and thrift is the way forward fashionistas! 

Try out these looks at home :)

xo L


  1. You look fab! I need a headscarf pronto! x

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