Thursday, 3 May 2012

River Island's 'Pacha' hits the nail on the head

Inspired by Nightclub 'Pacha' in Ibiza which has housed the likes of David Guetta, Retail Giant 'River Island' have launched a snazzy fashion line titled:
 'The Pacha Range'

Check it out in your local flagship store, I have to say I think it's very fresh and innovative. The silk flowing dresses and harem-pants have a very moroccan-glam feel to them.

Innumerable Summer-hungry ladies were foaming at the mouth when I last checked it out in River Island on Henry St, Dublin! The line comprises lightweight summer genie-pants, hawaiian, ornate cherry print bikini's and daisy duke shorts and silky geometric prints you will trip over yourself to get your hands on - especially if your are planning a Summer holiday overseas or if you want something stunning to wear to a BBQ or Summer night out on our shores!

xo L

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