Thursday, 24 May 2012

Taylor Momsen - Make- up and Style Tips!!

Taylor Momsen was a cutie in The Grinch - do you guys remember how cute and innocent looking she was? Before she became a rebel and grew about 10 feet taller.
I gave her make-up look a go. But wow does this lady wear her dramatic eye-make up, or does it wear her?

 In Gossip Girl Momsen played a very multi-faceted character as Jenny Humphrey. The actress is currently on a leave of absence from the show and working with her band 'The Pretty Reckless' supporting Marilyn Manson on tour. Thats a big leap from playing a social- climbing New York school girl. Taylor has admitted she gets hecklers at her shows shouting at her to take her top off and she surmises the most effective way to shut them up is to tell them she 'isn't a stripper and to shut up!' A once delicate looking svelte flower has become one hell of a tough cookie. Maybe you need a tough shell like that in show business?

Taylor Momsen
Her gothic queen look is very dramatic but sexy. She wears motorcycle boots or doc martens, LBD's, fishnet tights and cocoons herself in band tees with band names like AC/DC and The Rolling Stones, VERY old school rock. She also lives in leather jackets and dark hot pants and embodies the spiky trend that is dominating the style stakes. Taylor Momsen's snow white skin, neutral lip, platinum hair and black-kohl framed eyes is distinctive and very rock chic. The leather layering look will be very hot for autumn/winter 2012.

 It is fun to play around with and draw inspiration from Taylor's make up to a certain degree but there is a fine line between sultry smoky eyes and looking like you have been punched in the eyes repeatedly. Eyeliner can smudge in a very bad way when applied liberally. I tried out the look but I bronzed my skin instead of washing it out with pale foundation.

My Taylor Momsen attempt
My eye make-up close up
I also tried to accentuate underneath the eye with kohl pencil to make my eyes look larger and more doll-like. In the second look I didn't use black eyeshadow all over the upper lid I used white and shaded above the upper lid crease with grey.In your make-up bag - to do a smoky sultry eye - this is your wishlist of what you will need, first off you need black kohl pencil, an eyebrow pencil (brown/black) black liquid eyeliner, an eyeshadow pallet - white eyeshadow, grey eye shadow, black eye shadow, fake eyelashes (size depends on the look you are going for)

Zoom-in of my minimal version of the 'Momsen' eye make up
I  highlighted underneath the eye-brow with white also. 'Essence' and 'Catrice' eyeshadows are a steal at just 2.99 eur. I pencilled my eyebrows with light brown 'essence' eye pencil to accentuate them.

My less- heavy dark Taylor Momsen inspired look

Try the look out at home ladies! Rock up your look in your styling & make -up. Tweet me on @lauramullett any pics of your own glam rock make -up pictures! I would love to see them. You can also check Lipstick Gossip out on facebook!! Click here!

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