Friday, 4 May 2012

How to style your hair like Rihanna - Long to short styling without cutting your locks

We all get bored of our hair from time to time. We get used to the same thing and it can feel outdated. I usually wear my hair long with soft waves for an event, but last Summer I started using a hair wand and pinning my hair to the top of my head in a 'Rihanna' inspired style.
This style works for bob-length to mid-length hair. Alternatively - if your hair is long and volumous you can do a small french roll at the back of your head and commit to the style at the front.

I went from wearing my hair like this:

Dress from Ruby Rouge

 To wearing it like this:

Dress from 'Motel Rocks'

And I have to say it is very important not to be afraid to try something different and to freshen up your look. Experimenting and taking chances are how you find a style that really suits you that makes you feel as confident as you can be.

A few people have asked me to do a blog explaining in simple terms how to achieve this look.

Firstly you will need a hair wand. These are available in Argos and range from 25- 30 eur. Alternatively you can use a hair straightner and do GHD curls but they wont have the same 3D effect. You need to curl your hair in small sections leaving no straight or stray bits.

When your whole head had been wanded, run your finger through your hair with a bit of hair moose or styling serum, whichever you prefer the texture of. I think moose has a better effect.
 Brush your hair from underneath the nape of your neck forward to the crown and secure with a lot of hair clips/ bobby pins. It is optional but you can plait a small section to mask the clipped section.
 Adjust the hair & strands as you see fit to frame your face and eyeline. 

Use hair spray to finish the look. Depending on how high you want your hair backcomb it gently with a soft brush and re-curl small strands.

And now you have your very own DIY Rihanna look like mine below.

My Rihanna-style hair attempt

Happy experimenting ladies!

xo L 


  1. Wow you make it look so easy! Definitely trying out!!!

    1. glad you like it!! send me a pic of your style of it :) xx