Saturday, 30 July 2011

Is social networking taking over our lives?

What is dragging Ireland down? – Although there is literally over a 100 reasons to choose from in this day and age I think it is because of our online obsession, which raises the question - Are we living vicariously through the internet?

Currently in Ireland the youth culture that has emerged is very dependent on the internet, and hence social networking. Everywhere we look someone is 'tweeting' or 'writing on someone's wall'. Have social networking sites become not just the new media here in Ireland, but the dominant one? Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Bebo are four sites that have billions of followers. Human contact is no longer the way to go as people converse in a new way which was unheard of in Ireland just a decade ago. 

Kip Drordy - Typical case of internet addiction. The rush of online companionship was intense! But the worst of social networking is the redundant boring statuses about who had what for lunch and who wishes to announce publicly via the internet - all their most innermost thoughts, feelings and reflections. But most of all... I would much rather the opinionated irritating status updater than 'THE LOVEBIRDS'. We all know them, and resent them, but not for their mutual love and special bond - but their inability to keep it private?! It is baffling. If your relationship is all rainbows, unicorns and sunshine why constantly reiterate it publicly every hour. It's like wearing a neon sign saying 'I like the attention and am so immensely witty that my explicit lovey-dovey comments are oh so cryptic.' These individuals shouldn't be allowed have access to social networking sites. Why comment eachother 'Good nite babes love u 4life xxxx' when you're evidently in the same room. Bizarre.

Example of your typical PDA couple. Nice.

Mark Zuckerberg - He owns Facebook and is a billionaire. Oh and as you may have noticed he owns you! Don't fight it!

Typical parent/ child internet addiction scenario. They have rehab for that now I hear.

Social Networking is so dangerous!!!! Every time someone has a night out, or a crisis or an opinion it is publicised. And sometimes when someone is behind a keyboard they fail to realise that their light hearted comments and statements and even pictures might convey them in a not-so-flattering light.
Prospective employers can potentially access your details and what was at the time a fun crazy night with your friends, could be the reason why your job application is tossed aside. Conduct and presentation is very important and you don't just put your best foot forward in person, you should do so online too. Social Networking sites show us things we don't necessarily need to see, they can result directly in break-up's, jealousy, bullying, burglary, arguments and invasion of privacy.

 Having 500 friends on Facebook might make you feel über-loved but you have to take into account that undoubtedly 'popular' and 'special' as you might feel, half a thousand people can access your life in a manner of speaking. Living vicariously through the internet by expressing your innermost feelings is not just naïve, it's dangerous.

Are you practicing social networking etiquette? It’s trickier than you might think… As Facebook, Twitter and 24- hour internet access blur the lines between business and personal lives, employers and employees are struggling to develop social norms to guide them through the ongoing evolution of communications technology … What if your boss adds you on Facebook? That’s a dilemma. How do you not accept them as a friend? What if you really are friends? Also, there is the eternal dilemma of accepting family on Facebook, parents are disinclined to have the same sense of humour as you or your online associates… not altogether that shocking… Granny might not appreciate the joining of group that are a little on the wild side.. 

As predicted Granny is appalled!!!!!! Would you want your granny to see the sexy groups you join? Maybe not. I don’t think we need to take measures to the extremes but I think dependency on social networking and pouring your heart out online is taking a risk and the youth of Ireland need to be made aware of this issue – It isn’t going anywhere.
There is now a website that will delete your social networking site for you… it is called the web 2.0 machine – almost 2 million friends have been ‘unfriended’ and 500,000 tweets have been removed since launching.
What is the world coming to? Now you don’t even have to manually take a step back. Liberating or laziness? Debatable really…

xo L

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