Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Geordie Shore - Reality Tv in the extreme.

It's Geordie Time....

Vulgarity on television is taken to a whole different level nowadays - it cannot be disputed. But it has to be said, shows such as 'Geordie Shore' are hilarious if not a little cringeworthy. These housemates have no shame! From engaging in very inappropriate physical activity and behaviour in front of cameras to stumbling out of clubs vomiting and shrieking - It is proof that we all love car crash television! Maybe it makes us feel orderly and with the program. Regardless of the level of entertainment value of watching these shows it probably sets a bad example for young MTV viewers who could start to think that such erratic behaviour is normal such as boys and girls fighting physically and spitting on eachother. 

Meet the cast and see for yourself :

And below, in fine, upstanding reality TV fashion - one of the housemates - Sophie - vomiting into a toilet bowl. Nice.

 The american equivalent 'Jersey Shore' is very popular stateside, so much there was serious expectation that 'Geordie Shore' would just be crap in comparison. But it gained popularity as the target audience of 15-25 years old became enthralled by the antics of the housemates. The boys named themselves 'players' from the get- go, with a very meticulous almost metrosexual approach to their appearance they used tanning beds, tanning creams, steroids to increase their muscle mass and even waxed their eyebrows... I don't know about anyone else but I couldn't be with a guy that wore more make- up than I do! They are self- proclaimed lady- magnets, especially Gary and Greg. Girls were pretty much disposable to them it seemed. They didn't have much respect for the women on the show, because, truth be told - the women didn't have much respect for themselves. The girls behaved in an equally promiscuous manner and had similar vain habits as their male equivalents so there was a lot of ego aswell as hormones flying around which naturally meant drama, drama and more drama.

Stay tuned and watch the Geordie Shore crew hit Magaluf late this Summer on MTV.
(The resort will be lucky to be left standing...)

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