Friday, 15 July 2011

How to shine like a film star - Achieving a red carpet look.

We all like to look pretty just for ourselves and sometimes we even have an aim to impress other people.  Whatever the reasons for wearing make-up we often find ourselves applying it how our mams or best girl friends do theirs, but are these the proper make-up application techniques?

There are many easy ways to achieve a red- carpet look.

A flawless skin palette is achieved by using a primer, which isn't oil based so your foundation and concealer will look quite flawless but natural with a smooth finish.

Apply concealer beneath the eyes and lightly in any place that has uneven skin tone, for example, a blemish or reddened area.

then apply your foundation, lightly and using a foundation brush so that the liquid spreads in a balanced way with an even sheer look.

A statement brow can look very high- fashion yet demure. To achieve this look, groom your eyebrows with a tweezers to take away any stray hairs and make the arch more pronounced by using an eyebrow pencil - depending on your hair colour - a light brown is generic and not too heavy so will blend with brow's that have a blonde or reddish or even chocolate- coloured tint. I have blonde hair so I am inclined to use a light brown No. 7 cosmetic light brown eyebrow pencil and shaper - in fact I swear by it! It is best to not be so liberal with the eyebrow pencil as to not achieve a heavily overdone look, do it in gradual stages to lighten and darken.

Eyeliner is another makeup staple. Eyeliner is probably one of the most popular because of its versatile use. Not only does it dress up the eyelid area, it also accentuates the eyebrows, can line the lips or even give you a false beauty spot! Eyeliner most commonly used is chocolate brown, tinted burgundy or black although this also comes in a very wide range of colors. There is the traditional eye pencil or something a bit more dramatic, like liquid liner which are available by Mac cosmetics and as a cheaper alternative - 'exaggerate' by rimmel available in nationwide Boots stores.

It is usually better to go for a smoky eye and neutral pale lip look or a light eye make up and bright statement lipstick effect. The combination of the two can sometimes be catastrophic and take away from your features. If you have defined full lips it is good to accentuate them by using a coloured lipliner and filling your lips with a shade that is to your taste.

When working at the Irish Film and Television Awards I opted for a creamy pale foundation, with a striking red lipstick and a dark lash look as it was young and fresh in contrast to a smokey eye which is more suited to a tanned skin palette - as pictured below.

For a great tutorial on How to accomplish the perfect smokey eye make-up Click here

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