Thursday, 14 July 2011

Safari Style - Be a fashionista

Whether it's brightly coloured geometric tribal prints or collections from designers with a rich African heritage, Spring/Summer 2011 styles are bursting with Sub-Saharan vivacity.

The graphic prints and geometric shapes are a confident suave take on the other ethnic trends of the season: less earthy than the bronze coins and bejewelled scarves of the global tourist. The safari look gets distinctly urban, whether it's traditional prints or khaki suiting - Now its Spring time designers and publications such as Vogue are well and truly all over safari sheek and its outburst of African- inspired accessories. Ethnic inspired tribal prints are hot again for Spring 2012, and Fashion Bomb celebrities have clearly gotten the memo, wearing abstract print leggings, dresses, and tops by Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenburg, and so many more. I am a devoted Safari fan and love the embellishments that come with the trend. It’s all well and good seeing it on the runway, but this trend really translates into real life. This trend will always repeat itself as it is a classic. When you have been in fashion for a while you see trends come and go every day, and normally it makes me yawn and wanna go back to bed. But, a trend that always captivates me is the safari craze. I mean, i don’t know if its labelled safari sheek officially, or if this is just a phrase i created, but its awesome none the less. For you fashion firsties, safari in short, is basically earth tones which takes inspiration from traditional ‘ethnic’ or ‘tribal’ prints and costume, plus a healthy helping of sheer fabric and vibrant splatterings of colour. Followers of fashion are heading into the wild this season as style takes on an African twist. If going on a real safari in the African wilderness you are advised to avoid wearing "Hollywood style" or camouflage outfits....  Safari Expert Gwen Stefanis' Designs went down a storm in the fashion world, but, it must be said...Normal non-synthetic, comfortable fitting, sexy but neutral coloured clothes are what you need to be taking with you... This is not the case for the urban european spin on what is usually the opposite of trendy - and mostly practical attire.

xo L

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