Wednesday, 20 July 2011

'Perriers Bounty' - The new style of Irish film.

Perriers Bounty

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Perriers Bounty is comical genius. Its the new style of Irish film that could be depicted 'gangster hilarity'. Narrated by Gabriel Byrne. The blue- eyed Cillian Murphy plays our lead man 'Michael Mc Crea', a likeable but general waster with a chip on his shoulder, and whom of which owes gang leader Perrier (Brendan Gleeson) a hefty amount of cash.There is drama, retaliation and a series of events that send our leading man racing around Dublin trying to even the score alongside his dad  (Jim Broadbent) and his friend Brenda (Joe Whittaker) who help him fight his cause yet accidentally cause unrivaled hassle. Filming was completed in late January 2009 and following a very successful stint in cinemas nationwide after its opening at the Toronto International film festival the film gained serious popularity for its 'urban western' style of film as director Ian Fitzgibbon labels his masterpiece. Films like this are exactly what Ireland needs! It shows that the Irish have a sense of self - depricating humour and a flair for comedy- thrillers.

Jim Broadbent is witty and plays his role in an amusing yet clever way as he reverently expresses his concern that the reaper is after him.

See below a Q & A session from YouTube : 

It has to be said - Perriers Bounty is defintely one to watch - It has a fantastic cast and a unique plot, It is definitely worth renting!

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