Sunday, 18 August 2013

Ladies Day in Galway and all my news!

Hey Galpals! I am officially never using the phrase ‘I’m a busy bee’ ever again! I think it brings bad luck. I went to the Galway Races for Ladies Day. It was great fun, it was a last minute decision and I had always wanted to attend. I wore a red glam Mary Elizabeth headpiece and a flared lace print jumpsuit that I had worn to the Brown Thomas AW13 press preview recently (but a little outfit repeating never hurt anyone!) I was invited by a model I recently worked with on a shoot, the lovely ‘Miss Irish Sun’ Sinead Duffy. She is one of those girls that you feel like you have known for years. She had a press call on the day and looked radiant in a dress from Caris Closet and I picked her up an ornate headpiece from Enniscorthy shoes and accessories haven 'Put a Bow On It'.

We linked up with Holly Keating also, another gorgeous Irish model I have styled for a variety of photoshoots. Holly also wore a dress from Caris Closet - a champagne peplum strapless frock. It is a chic glam little dress. It was a brilliant day, undeterred by torrential rain we mingled at the races and had a ball. It was one of the best girly nights I have had in forever. There was live music, an electric atmosphere and we even won a few euro. As opposed to hitting nightclubs we went on a serious pub crawl it was brilliant. In ‘Eyre Square’ fairly into our celebrating I felt a weird pain in my arm and looked down - I had been stung by a wasp! I have never been stung by a wasp before. One of the girls said about going to hospital and we all started laughing it off and joking. I just ignored it and went on with my night and it was a brilliant one! I needed it.
Sinead, me and Holly
The next morning when I woke up my arm looked a little bit weird and felt numb. Apparently I am allergic to bees! I was in hospital for a few days recovering as the reaction got pretty bad. One person told me that wasps are drunk this time of year because the pollen ferments like alcohol would which makes them aggressive. Well I definitely think they are out to get me! Upon my release from hospital in Dublin I was so relieved to return home to my own bed to chill and recover and guilt trip everyone into making me tea. Unfortunately while sleeping I was awoken by a wasp stinging me just below my eyebrow at 6am in my bed! It scared the life out of me. It was an unprovoked attack! Two stings in one week and I had managed to go 23 years without it happening. I didn’t even swat the thing before it stung. So strange. Unfortunately the reaction in your face is way more annoying than your arm. I looked really off until about three days ago. My eye completely ballooned. Better late than never I have invested in a mosquito net and it now drapes over my bed! Is it just me or are wasps everywhere at the moment? I know because I had a bad experience I am probably just hyper conscious of them now. The thing is the aftermath of the problem was an issue but it didn’t affect my time out in Galway - it takes about 12 hours to develop the reaction. I have used my time out when sick to organise shoots, projects and events. I styled a shoot for international press from my bed! I styled the fab Kelly Donegan for a shoot in London shot by the über talented photographer Gavin Glave.
Gavin Glave and Kelly Donegan
Once the shots land in the press I will write a detailed post featuring all the looks and where you can pick them up. The vibe was provocative street style. It was a mixture of fashion and lingerie looks with bold accessories. Here is a sneak peek of one of the shots...
I have a big beauty and fashion event coming up on September 8th with Celebrity Make Up Artist Aimee Connolly so keep it free! My proceeds are being donated to ‘Our Lady’s Hospital'. I will be announcing all the details soon so save the date !

I also passed my time being sick by writing and planning.  I watched ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Orange is the New Black’ episodes. I would highly recommend both of the Netflix original series! They are so addictive. However I am all better now and back to doing my press and portfolio styling and covering events. I have some very cool projects and styling work in the pipeline that I can't announce just yet. But one thing is for sure - I cannot wait for the Galway Races next year! ;)

xo L

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