Monday, 12 August 2013

Blog Awards Ireland: I got nominated in 6 categories!

I found out today that I have been nominated for the Blog Awards Ireland! 

Thank you to all who voted for me. I was excited to be informed I have been nominated for the following six categories:

1. 'Best Blog of a Journalist'
2. 'Best Designed Blog' 
3. 'Best Beauty/Fashion Blog'
4. 'Best Popculture Blog'
5. 'Best Mobile Compatible Blog' 
6. 'Best Photography Blog'.

My blog has opened so many doors and has been a great asset as I went out into the big bad working world! I have used it as an outlet to showcase my work as a fashion stylist for press working with Ireland's top models, make up artists and photographers, working at fashion shows, covering the red carpet and music festivals as an RTE radio reporter and so much more.

It gives a window into the fashion and media industry in Ireland. Thanks again for all your support and reading 'Lipstick Gossip'. Hitting the big 100,000 reads was an exciting milestone. It means the world to me! I work so hard and strive to make this blog what I always wanted it to be - A fun frivolous fit of fashion.

xo L

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