Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Styling competition for 9 Crow Street: Viva La vintage!

I have had an interesting few weeks. I have been working very hard writing and being a busy bee working in general. I have also been investing in some winter wear as it is ferociously cold outside! But I have a serious love for Winter. I am making a trip to Memphis, New Orleans and several other places on a road trip soon which I am living for.

I was a finalist for the 9 Crow Street styling competition a few days ago which was great fun. 
I was delighted to be picked. The challenge was to put an outfit together out of a selection of vintage and 90's style street wear.  I arrived at 9 Crow Street HQ to find rails and rails of ethereal and indie pieces. It was blissful. But I was not there to browse in a nonchalant manner - I meant business!  I took the 1940's era route. I went for doll- like make up, kept my pallor matte and went for a red lip. I finished the look with a liquid eyeliner flick, lashings of mascara and accentuated my eyebrows with brunette eye brow pencil. I recently changed my hair colour so I have been using a darker eyebrow pencil. I selected a demure polka dot long dress, with a cutesie "Wednesday Addams" collar styled with a black suede jacket with gold buttons on the front. The padding in the shoulders was really cool and gave the outfit a more tailored structured shape in contrast to the flowiness of the frock. I know the styling is quite old- worldly but I liked it.
I tied a vintage headscarf in a "washer - woman" style on my head to embrace my theme.
 9 crow street have really lovely bits and you can get them online which is very handy. There are serious gems in their collection which you can hunt for online. The photographer then took a picture of my look which you can catch below! 

You can check out my look on the Look Magazine website! just click here!


Make sure to check out for fabulous fashion finds!

Well I am going to go get some beauty sleep because I have a photoshoot and interview tomorrow to talk about personal style, fashion and blogging and I want to look semi-decent! :-) 

Goodnight all...

xo L

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