Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Do you and your wardrobe need a new lease of life?

I have thought of making a 'Bucket List' surmising what I want to accomplish and experience including -but not limited to - ridiculous and fabulous, yet unrealistic things. I want to dance on the streets in Brazil and drink vodka in an igloo in Iceland. I want to live in New York for a month, I want to swim with dolphins. I want to learn to play the ukelele, I'd love to go camping, not at a festival but real countryside middle-of-nowhere toughing it out camping. I want to learn to knit and use a sewing machine to make and alter my own clothes (this ambition is currently in transit but don't expect a scarf any time soon) I would love to be a girl bopping in a music video and organize a big charity fashion show for a worthy cause. I want to be more open to new things, revive my sense of adventure and take my next steps into the world with conviction and exuberance.

At the moment, more than anything I would love to inject my lifestyle with activity and energy. To feel more vivacious and have a sense of vitality, yet be relaxed and serene. I want to look like someone in an actimel advert. Glowing and healthy and fit as a fiddle. The only problem is that I am gullible and so eager to see results quickly. I have started taking vitamins and going to the gym more regularly and I am hoping for more energy but I find this season usurps my energy and my willpower.
Unfortunately I feel like one of those people who is always between flus but I am going to change that!
It is so cold and wet and windy that when I have precious free time I am snuggled in a blanket like a burrito and eating and drinking everything and anything that is bad for me. Lately I have been regulatory but forbidden fruit tastes sweeter and all that jazz. I love going for walks. I have a little pug called Coco Pops, Coco for short, who is a great companion and who can smell food 10 miles away, is really tubby and is a canine hoover for crumbs on the ground. I love him but if I bring him for a walk he is so obese and lazy I have to carry him home. He just lies on the footpath and sounds like he is having an asthma attack. My other dog Paulo is a husky and is HUGE. He is literally my height in length and width. Slight exaggeration but you get what I mean. So basically I am better going on my walking ventures alone sans my furry friends!

As a freelance journalist I find myself glued to my laptop. It is an instrument that is my ultimate fashion accessory in that I have to bring it everywhere, alongside my radio equipment most of the time which feels like a workout in itself hauling a gazillion bags across the city. This week has been a busy week, my favourite part was popping out to the offices to interview head honcho James Galvin. We spoke about online shopping, masculine style and why Irish men are generally disinclined to be fashion forward in contrast to their european counterparts. I enjoyed being out in Miinto HQ - The offices are very open plan and high fashion with bright green floors and a minimalistic feel and all the staff are really welcoming and friendly. Upstairs there is an amazing set up for photoshoots with models wearing clothes and accessories from various boutiques working with There are racks of what I would simply call 'desirables' just taunting me and making my wardrobe feel lacklustre. Not only do I need an injection of vigour, my wardrobe does too!

What about you? Do you feel like you and your wardrobe need a new lease of life?

xo L


  1. So glad to know that somebody is in the same position! I need a new lease of everything, it's so hard to get going sometimes though

  2. I'm forever on a mission to breath new life into mine x