Friday, 2 November 2012

Getting a little bit personal.

I am working as a freelance journalist in a very competitive industry. It can be challenging but I truly love it. I cover events for my blog and for other sites and I am currently branching into writing for magazines on a freelance basis. I have been attending different press previews and fashion shows as of late which have been a real- eye opener, it is important as a journalist and blogger to keep your finger on the pulse. I have always had a passion for radio, contributing to RTE radio reviewing films, talking about festival style and interviewing people is one of the most exciting facets of journalism, but it certainly isn't all glamour.

 My Mam was one of the first female DJ's in the South East and I think that is where my on-air ambitions derived from. I started blogging because as I started to get work I wanted an online portfolio, somewhere to place my ideas, opinions, interviews and pictures in a manner that had a splash of me. When young girls facebook mail me and ask me 'How did you get to meet famous people? What were they like?!You are so lucky!' I am in full agreement. That is a cool part of the job but it is all not quite as Hollywood the other 360 days of the year. A dosage of glamour and working at high profile events is something I love and truly enjoy. Life can be a game of luck and timing. I covered the IFTA's in 2011 and early 2012 and I think it gave me a confidence boost and a realization that in terms of a career path I am so happy I studied Journalism and Visual Media. We can do what ever we want to do in this life. We can all feel limited or that there are road blocks standing in our way but the biggest road block is ourselves most of the time.

Our real nemesis is procrastinating, deliberating or generally just lacking in confidence for the fear of putting ourselves 'out there' - wherever that may be. 

I have been trying out different things like styling shoots and taking pictures of models as well as independently doing interviews, but at this moment in time I love to write. I think what can give you an advantage in this tough time to get work is putting yourself out there and trying to find your feet in your chosen industry while you are still in college. If anything it can help you realize your ambitions, make invaluable contacts and give you an incentive to work hard and get what you want in your chosen career. I have just finished college and I am adjusting to the 'real world' but I feel I had a bit of experience in my chosen field because from my second year I had begun to venture out in to the realms of media and fashion. It gave me an advantage, a little bit of an edge.

I love fashion and clothes and styling, I always have. But that certainly doesn't mean I always get it right! Or that everyone likes my wardrobe choices. I can be a tad eccentric but I don't believe in being a slave to trends. Being bang-on trend is like running in a race with no ribbon at the end because the weird thing about fashion is that seems to come full circle. For example, I am planning a trip to America in late December, spending New Year's Eve in New Orleans and what I plan to dress in is a 1920's flapper style with a feathery headband and shifted bead dress. My style isn't always a blast from the past, I am not solely a vintage aficionado but having an eclectic sense of style in fashion, music and even life opens up a lot of possibilities. I think the best thing about personal styling is just that - that it is personal. What you put on your back showcases your personality, your mood and even a sense of adventure. It isn't about money, about putting yourself under pressure money wise. Recycling is fun, and fashion is inclined come full circle (i.e disco pants and eighties style in general) and it is all about your interpretation of trends as opposed to being a slave to them that will ease your urges to overspend.

"Fashion is what one wears oneself. What is unfashionable is what other people wear."


I love charity shops as well as vintage stores. I love sales and most of all I love rifling through my wardrobe and finding something sentimental that had been lurking in the shadows. I went to the races a few months ago and I wore a snow white dress I picked up in Barcelona when I was 15 for my cousins wedding. I hadn't wore it in seven years but I teamed the white dress with my trusty Sonia Rykiel jacket I got on sale in Brown Thomas many seasons ago and I felt like I was wearing the dress for the first time.

That's enough musings for one night, I am going to make tea and go to bed. I have a LOT of articles to write tomorrow, I think I picked the right career because I am actually excited about it. Maybe I need to get out more...

I hope you all have a nice weekend & thanks for reading.

xo L