Thursday, 29 November 2012

Go green and get gorgeous with Human + Kind!

How green is your beauty routine? The multitude of beauty skin care products on the market today can make choosing which kind to use a daunting process. With more and more products crammed full of artificial and unnatural ingredients on the shelves how safe are they for you skin? Human+Kind’s all-in-one skincare range is full of 100% natural, restorative ingredients that provide a simple and organic solution for your everyday skin care needs. I was excited to receive some complementary body and hair oil from the kind folks at Human + Kind which I decided to trial - and if I found it to be really good, write a blog about it. I was pleasantly surprised by the fresh scent and effectiveness of the oil. It was like bio oil but packing more of a punch.

Four Fabulous Reasons To Go For Green with Human+Kind Skincare

1. On average 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream. Considering that the average women uses 12 beauty products a day, that’s potentially 127 harmful chemicals she’s being exposed to in just one single day! All of Human+Kind’s multitasking products are 100% natural as Human+Kind believe using nasty preservatives and harmful ingredients isn’t necessary to create long lasting and effective skincare products.
All Human+Kind products are:
Dermatologically tested, allergy screened and suitable for sensitive skins
Free from paraben and chemical nasties

2. Almost three out of ten women suffer from allergies to ingredients found in conventional beauty products. ( I am one of them!!) On top of that, the number of woman suffering from sensitive skin and skin complaints such as eczema is on the rise. Recent scientific advances have proven that the use of natural components, such as Jojoba, Achmella and Onopordum found in all Human+Kind products, decrease the likelihood of experiencing allergic reactions, clogging pores and irritating the skin.

3. Human+Kind has created a pared down skincare range with multi-tasking formulations that benefit all types of skin and women of all ages saving women both money and time and freeing them up from lengthy beauty rituals.

4. Often, chemicals found in conventional beauty products aren’t biodegradable so they pollute the ecosystems and make their way back into the food-chain. As Human+Kind products are made using natural ingredients they don’t damage the environment.

I have been using the body oil on my skin and hair and the difference is startling - My hair and pallor look nourished and luminescent - and really silky too. The Ultimate test was that I used the product over time to see how well it would work - also I changed the colour of my hair and used the human + kind oil liberally and my hair looked enriched. I went from light to dark I will show you the result of how conditioning the oil was. My hair felt sleeker and more manageable.

The Human+Kind Skincare range includes;

Human + Kind All-In-One Anti-Ageing cream Price €29.95
Human + Kind All-In-One Body Oil Price €14.95
Human + Kind All-In-One Family Remedy Cream Price €22.95
Human + Kind All-In-One Day+Night Cream Price €23.95

Try it out at home! You won't be disappointed ;)

xo L

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