Sunday, 24 March 2013

My American Roadtrip: New Orleans.

When I arrived in New Orleans I was fascinated. By the old buildings, the atmosphere, the people, everything. I loved that every restaurant served shrimp gumbo, the huge holiday crowds and that there were quaint horse drawn carriages. I took a trip in one with a local man named Nate and his horse Honeyboy. Nate was a serious character telling me in a heavy sometimes unintelligible accent about the witch hunts, hauntings in the 1920's and the history of New Orleans. 

Nate & Honeyboy
I also went on a Haunted Tour to visit all the places where either weird hauntings have been reported or where historical battles had taken place. It was really cool. I soaked up the atmosphere with ease. It is evident why the place is called the 'Big Easy'. The people are charming and hospitable. In typical American fashion they love Irish people! The shopping and nightlife held great allure and it is a place I would adore to be in for Mardi Gras. What is spectacular is that the place has the appeal of having character and culture but also is a great destination for partying and fun. It is a winning combination. I stayed in the Hyatt Hotel which had the most beautiful buffet breakfasts every morning I have ever experienced in a hotel. I was a stones throw from the French Quarter where most of the action is.

 I went to a psychic in the house of Voodoo priestess Marie Laveau who unsettled me with her predictions. She was a glamorous 85 year old woman with lots of jewellery and long red nails. She had a weird vibe about her, I don't go to psychics usually but seeing as I was in the house of a legendary voodoo priestess I wanted to live the whole experience. 

Marie Laveau Altar in the 'House of Voodoo' on Bourbon St.
Legendary Bourbon street looks as though it is swarmed by saloons that are rowdy by 4pm and the drink of choice is a 'grenade' which has every spirit man has ever distilled, and potentially some mystery ingredients. On New Years Eve I danced and partied and had a ball. The Superbowl was on too which added to over 15,000 people celebrating on the streets by midnight!

My tights and boots combo!
Everyone wore embellished masks I picked up one and wore it as a headband. I wore my hair loose and wavy, had smoky eye make up teamed with peach lipstick. I picked up a black and gold dress in a little boutique near the French quarter which I teamed with funky tights and very high Louboutin-style shoe boots. The weather was balmy and humid and it was so nice to leave heavy jackets behind for a change on a night out. The style was very unique - people dressed as if they were at a carnival or something it was very out there.

My New Years look
Beneath fireworks to rival Disneyland I welcomed 2013 with open arms and I adored ringing in the new year somewhere unique that had an air of mysticism. And my exploring of New Orleans was magical. On my American roadtrip it was without doubt my favourite place to visit. 

Next time I visit New Orleans I want to go visit the alligators in the Bayou! Many more American road trip blogs to come. It has been an amazing journey in so many ways. I would highly recommend it! I went there with my boyfriend Darren and we both fell in love with the place.

xo L

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