Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Love/Hate Season 4 exclusives!

I am living for the next season of Love/Hate. I think we all are... Alas an Irish crime drama we can be proud of! I caught up with the cast at the IFTA's and for those who missed my babbling on RTE you can hear from the talented cast of the hit TV show right here on Lipstick Gossip.

IFTA winner Tom Vaughan Lawlor talk about being 'Nidge' and perfecting his accent, Killian Scott reveals what could happen with Tommy next season - Robert Sheehan lets us all in on the fact he will be watching his character Darren's funeral from his couch joking he will be like the rest of us 'plebeians'  and additionally why he never changed his blue hoodie all season!! ( I had to ask...)
Also IFTA winner Susan Loughnane confesses she forgot to thank her boyfriend during her speech and seizes the opportunity during our interview to do it! Charlie Murphy talks about her IFTA win and the responsibility of portraying a rape victim in Love/Hate.

You can hear from the cast in that order by clicking here: 

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