Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Rockabilly Hair

Do you want hair reminiscent of a more glamorous era? Rockabilly hair is simple and fun to pull off and you can try it at home! The pin curl fringe reminds us of Vargas girls or Audrey Hepburn but with a modern twist. Adding retro make up (see doll make up blog entry) with a pretty dress or playsuit and Mac Lady Danger red lipstick and this look will be very unique and fun. Or team it with a headscarf! Make it your own.

My pin curl fringe

Firstly, put pantene mousse in damp hair and blow dry with volume.
Use a curling wand and select large sections of hair for a soft retro wave curl.

Select the front section of your hair an softly backcomb the underneath for 40 seconds. Use elnette hair spray as if you make a mistake or want to adjust the height/ size of your pin-curl the texture of the hair won't have a sticky consistency.

When the front section is looking fuller pin underneath using bobby pins. Stick to the colour of your hair when using clips, so if you have blonde/auburn hair use the blonde hair clips/pins/slides you find in the hair department at Boots pharmacy/ beauty store.

Spray the hair a good bit in order to retain the style and sleek look. You don't want stray hairs ruining the look.

*This look is perfect for those ladies who are growing out a side/full fringe or want to create a mini-fringe look on their forehead.

Happy styling Dolls! xo

To the side -the finished look

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