Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Rita Ora has arrived

My latest style crush is Rita Ora. Jay Z's protegee, signed to Roc Nation. Born in Kosovo but grew up in London, Rita Ora recently collaborated with DJ Fresh with 'Hot Right Now' which has been a massive success.

 Her energy and vivacious sense of dress are a winning combination. Ora names Gwen Stefani as her biggest influence, saying in an interview:

“Do you know how much I love that woman?I love everything about her".

Rita exudes the ultimate cool factor - her look screams the Fresh Prince of Bel Air meets Madonna of the 80's with an exotic retro glam vibe. Her look has an old school edge her styling can seem reminiscent of Rihanna in some respects - but Rita Ora is more relaxed and comfortable in the sense that she wears the eccentric quirky outfits they don't wear her. I don't believe that is where Ora draws her inspiration from, she follows her instincts in terms of fashion.

Rita Ora classes Jay Z's wife Beyonce Knowles as a major influence and a mentor, saying that both Knowles and Gwen Stefani are her two main role models and spoke of her admiration at being able to have Beyonce give her feedback on her debut album.

I will let this fashionista introduce herself:

This girl is going to be HUGE. Check out her latest single RIP with Tinie Tempah:

''Let my perfume soak into your sweater, you say you'll be here soon. Sooner the better...''

You can pick up these Marc Jacobs sunnies in Brown Thomas

This lady has sass and modesty. Check her out @ritaora on twitter

Rita looks flash embellished in chunky gold jewellery

The UK's competition for Rihanna? Maybe in the style stakes but their music is very different.

Have your say... What do you think of Rita Ora?

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