Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Michael Fassbender - One of Hollywood's Finest!!

Fassbender in bloodbath '300'
One of Hollywood's finest alright (In every sense of the word) Michael Fassbender has a winning list of films behind him, some more controversial than others...

His latest film 'Shame' failed to get the oscar nod for a gripping complex performance from Fassbender who evocatively played the role of sex addict Brandon alongside Carey Mulligan. In the film his character, who has an inappropriate relationship with his sister, is both shocking, and complex, he is very believable in the role. The film has provoked mixed reactions due to the subject matter but it's standalone cast and direction by Steve Mc Queen ensures 'Shame' is all over every film-goers radar.

The actor's performance in 'Inglorious Bastards' was captivating, while his acting in 'Hunger' cemented his place in Hollywood. Fassbender's role as Magneto in 'X- men First Class' excited a lot of fans of the trilogy, he did the prequel and the role itself justice.

I interviewed Michael Fassbender at the 9th Annual Irish, Film and Television Awards.
From speaking to him briefly I found he was very charming and outgoing, he seems very down to earth and grounded with great skills as a versatile actor in this fickle world of fame. Surely this is a recipe for success?

Click here to listen to an exclusive interview with Michael Fassbender about his Haywire co-star Gina Carano and his Bromance with Brendan Gleeson

Michael Fassbender and myself @IFTA's 2012
'' Everything I put my name to and take part in, I want to be good. That's not saying it will always happen but I want to make bold choices. ''

- Michael Fassbender

Gina Carano wrestles Fassbender in a fight to the death in 'Haywire'
Check out the racy 'Haywire' fight scene for yourself, shot in The Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin City below:

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