Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My interview with Colin Farrell!

I wrote an article in 'The Echo' Newspaper about my interview with Colin Farrell at the IFTA's:

You can read the text from the article below:
I covered the IFTA's for RTE 'In Colour' on 2xm
The creme de la creme of Irish talent & international stars came together in the Double Tree Hilton in Dublin to celebrate the 11th annual Irish Film and Television Awards. I was thrilled to be covering the awards for RTE radio for the fourth year running. The atmosphere was electric on the red carpet. I got up close and personal with Colin Farrell and my highlight of the awards was mid interview when he randomly invited me for a cup of tea!

I asked the Hollywood star what it was like to be back in Ireland: “It’s lovely to be home! I’m out in Kerry filming at the moment so it is great that filming coincided with the IFTA’s. I can link up with some of my old pals that I haven’t seen in a while.” Farrell joked about how close in proximity we all were! The red carpet was absolutely brimming with frenzied reporters and camera crews and I was literally brushing his chin with the microphone. But his demeanor was friendly and he was great banter to chat with. I have been a fan of Colin Farrell as an actor when he has played the role of a villain, a warrior and a gangster but him playing a father in his latest flick really tugs on your heartstrings. I questioned him about after flying all over the world and starring in fantastic films - What had that journey been like? What had it been like to go from Ballykissangel to being one of Hollywoods hottest stars? The actor smiled and replied that: “It’s another day at the office! Look - lets me and you go for a chat and a cup of tea and talk all about it..” It was the stuff that dreams are made of. It amazes me how Colin Farrell can be so down to earth. He modestly explained:
“I’m not trying to say the right thing but I have been incredibly fortunate. Big time. to do something that I love doing - to make a living, to provide for my family and travel the world. I’ve had my ups and downs in life as everyone does even the downs have been a privilege to experience..”

Ultimately he was thrilled to be part of ‘Saving Mr Banks’ and that it was nominated as it is a story with such a rich history. He admits he enjoyed playing such an interesting character working with extraordinary actress Emma Thompson on such a “sweet film.” Farrell was nominated for an IFTA for Actor in a Supporting Role in Film. ‘Saving Mr Banks’ is about how the 1964 classic Mary Poppins almost didn’t make it to the big screen. The story, based on what happened over the space of two decades tells us how Walt Disney used everything he had in order to convince British author, P.L. Travers to bring Mary Poppins to life for all to see. It is no surprise that Farrell plays a doting father and in this instance it mirrors reality. The 37 year old actor has two sons, James aged ten and Henry who is four. When I asked him what it was like being a Dad he admitted: “being a father is baffling, confounding and wonderful it’s the most important thing in my life.” He joked “I love it. It’s fun but its terribly frustrating because sometimes you just don’t know what to do!”
Colin will be shooting in Dublin for a week next month and is excited to spend some long overdue quality time with his family and friends. When it came to say goodbye to Colin after our interview I asked him could we get a snap together. His response was priceless. “Let me take the selfie I have longer arms!” It is without fail my best IFTA’s memory to date.

You can listen back to my IFTA’s RTE 2014 ‘In Colour’ special just click in to ‘In Colour’ on + there will also be a direct link up on my facebook page tonight. The show features interviews with Michael Fassbender, Brendan Gleeson, Liam Cunningham, Colm Meaney, Jeremy Irons, the Love/Hate cast and many more.


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