Sunday, 27 April 2014

I hit the green carpet for 'Tarzan' the Premiere!

One of the best things about being a Journalist is working in radio. I love working covering premieres and previews on red carpets - or in this case green carpet! I covered the Tarzan Premiere in The Odeon in Point Village for In Colour on Rte 2xm. I interviewed Twilight star and 'Tarzan' himself Kellan Lutz. Kellan played tough guy Emmett in the Twilight saga but in person was soft spoken, friendly and a dream to interview. He divulged how he loved Tarzan and Disney movies like the Jungle Book as a little boy. I was accompanied by photographer Emma Ratcliffe of Travel Style Food.
My outfit for the night! photo by Emma Ratcliffe
Thanks to pro make up artist Breifne in Inglot Make Up Ireland Dundrum. She dolled me up to cover the Tarzan premiere!
  #inglot #makeup #nofilter 
The carpet was green in honour of the occasion. There were hundreds of little kids all lined up enjoying the pre- movie festivities. Fruice were giving out Juices and there were snakes and many other jungle animals on the scene. There was a very fun childlike atmosphere befitting the tone of the movie.
photo by Emma Ratcliffe
The Young actor is jetting all over Europe promoting Tarzan and enjoyed soaking up the sunshine on his trip to the capital: "Its good to back in Dublin. It is the first time I have been here and it isn't raining! I love it"
photo by Emma Ratcliffe
"Motion capture is a lot of fun because stand aside hair and make up - for a guy like myself I don't care for hair and make up and for motion picture you get to throw on the suit and act in an imaginary world that you create. There is no set dressing so you have to visualise the trees being here or a butterfly or a vine. You get to play in a fantasy world."
Still frame from 'Tarzan'.
I asked Lutz did he love Tarzan growing up, he explained how he did and that he feels like "every little boy had those colouring books and watched Disney movies. I loved Tarzan, Mowgli from 'The Jungle Book', Simba from 'The Lion King'. I think every kid acted like an animal from their favourite movie and to be an actor and to bring these heroes to life - Tarzan being the top of that food chain for me- was very special and a childhood dream for me." 
photo by Emma Ratcliffe
Kellan Lutz has had a quick descent into stardom with skyrocketing into the spotlight as buff vampire Emmett in The Twilight Saga. I questioned what that felt like - after working on Twilight, Hercules and   Tarzan to be in demand: "I'm extremely grateful. Really blessed. You set goals for yourself in any occupation to have something to drive towards. For me as an actor I would pick roles that are iconic, that I am very passionate about. Life is very short so I would rather do work that doesn't feel like work. In the movie world it takes about 2 years for any film to come out by from start to finish. So it is a lot of time to dedicate to put yourself in a project and not in other ones. I am delighted to have brought 2 of my childhood heroes to life. I'd love to play He- Man!"

Lutz has some exciting movies he has been working on. The Expendables 3 is coming our Aug 15th. The Hollywood star is also producing a lot of action films at the minute and a passion project of his 'Redeeming Love' will be released soon.

You can listen to the full interview here & also there will it will be on the show tomorrow at 8pm I will post the link on my Facebook + you can tune in to



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